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I have found it to be a constant battle to keep the data warehouse cluster free with it serving as a development and production repository.  Often times there are multiple iterations of dataflows constructed and the corresponding output datasets in our instance with older/test versions never being removed or needing to be retained for historical purposes.  I think it would be useful if admins or users with appropriate permissions were able to have a sandbox data warehouse or the ability to partition the single data warehouse.  By doing this, it would allow for development and UAT of new datasets in a non-production environment without adding clutter and potential confusion to the data warehouse for the business users.  Once the newly created dataset has been tested and validated in the "sandbox", the validated dataflows and datasets coult then be transferred over to a PROD data warehouse.  



Forgive me if this has already been suggested, but I am returning to Domo after a 2-year hiatus and have not kept up with all of the already great suggestions from the community.



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