Allow Rename Columns heather in SUMO Card

I think a good improvement could be allow the user to rename the columns header in SUMO Cards. Otherwise we only are able to show the data set as header name.

Same capability we have when we create a chart as Label:




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  • Let me correct myself at the title: Allow Rename Columns header in SUMO Card

  • Thank you for submitting this @GIriarte.  I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • @GIriarte Yes, this feedback has been requested. This request is part of our table enhancement list for Sumo. We are working on addressing this feature. Thanks! 

  • Hello All,


    I also wanted to find if Domo has an option of labelling the variables used in sumo cards and then landed up in this thread. Now I am very eager to know the status. 

    This seems to be an old thread but I still dont see any feature in domo yet. Can someone provide any valuable insights ?


    Thanks a alot,


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