Option to make a quick filter a radio button

 The default quick filter rendering for a dimension is a set of check boxs. In some cases, I really want this to be a radio button, so that I don't need to uncheck then check another box. 
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  • In some use cases  I want the quick filter for a dimension to be a radio button rather than a set of check boxes. 


    Specifically, in some cases I want to rapidly switch from selecting a single value to an single value. 


    I have not thought it thought, howoever there may be other cases where I want have control over the format of the controls. 

  • Thank you for submitting this @doc-domo. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • This is a great suggestion.  I believe we'll be able to consolidate this idea with Option to Make a Quick Filter a Radio Button - this will help create more traction since we can add both votes together. CC'ing @DaniBoy

  • A radio button feature would be a great addition to QF!

    I recently created a QF that allows users to view sales in either USD, JPY, or EUR. However, if a check box is not unchecked after selecting another currency both values are added together. Training has been put in place but user error still occurs. Optimizing this small piece of UX would really go a long way.

  • Just curious on the status of this enhancement? This has been requested on several projects I've been apart of recently.

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    Has this functionality been added yet? I definitely need this!

  • I have found a solution that works for us. Use the radio selector as a chart type, add it to the beta dashboard design, and then it acts a radio button filter where one click changes the entire dashboard.

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