Business in a Box further customization

I would like to be able to further modify the Business in a Box page for our instance.


I like the idea of the Box but non of it applies to us. I can add custom dashboards but as not even the Departments titles work for us it would be pointless in helping people find things. At the moment it is a dead tab to us.


I would like turn the Box into a sort of Library of pages to create a bit of a guided expirience for our users. I keep getting "where do I get this, where do i get that" or people dont even ask.


As have set-up a library type card as pictured but, altough functional, it lacks the sofistication of the business in a box and I need to lead people to it to begin with.


I would like to be able to do the following:

  • Rename the Departments
  • Add a one line explanation about what is in the Department tab (as it would not actually be Departments for us)
  • Add a one line enplanation about the add Dashboards
  • Remove unused Department tabs
  • Change what I guess is our business classification of "Other"
  • Change the bit that says: Select your department....
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  • agree with above.



    • need to rename "Business in a Box" 
    • deploy multiple instances of Business in a Box
    • drive variable text to top level view (alert function)
    • drive variable colors to top level view (alert function)
  • Nick_
    Nick_ ⚪️

    Agree with both of the prior users comment here guys - has the potential to be a real good tool ?




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