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    Can you look in to this. There was a ticket # DOMO-37811

  • I also would love to be able to just enter the HEX#Code to create the charts in custom colors.  We work with clients that already have a color scheme and want to make sales and marketing docs exactly the same.  PLEASE let us know when this is available as it is hindering our purchase of more Domo licenses.  Thanks

  • The latest release that is now in Beta includes 48 colors which includes grey shades as well.

    This should be released in production in August

  • Excellent!!! Thanks so much for getting this feature added!

  • Awesome thanks!

    Please give me a thumbs up or mark as solution if this helped thanks! @anotherdatageek
  • +1 Need the HEX#Code to create the charts in custom colors

  • There are still not nearly enough color options... we need more colors and more gradients.

  • Any update on the status of this feature?

  • It would be awesome if I could reflect colors using HEX or RGB settings so I can match branding.  This will allow visualizations to look seamless in reporting. I will be making dashboards for customers and they will soon start to look similar.  

  • I second Nicole's suggestion. Our company is about to roll out Domo enterprise wide. My concern at this point is (i) not enough colors, and (ii) existing color palette will not match our corporate brand guidelines. I would like to see more options for additional customization.

  • I third Nicole's suggestion; Many of our dashboards end up in slides for our sales team and they're very particular about color pallette.

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    Can you chime in and provide an update on this conversation?



  • We really need Domo to become flexible and to be able to reflect our branding, having a tin company logo doesn't really cut it!  Custom colours would be a great start.



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    Any update or plans to expand color offerings?

  • +1 I need this as well. I see it was requested a few years ago. Any updates? I know we can do custom colors in beast mode by using concat with some html code, but bar chart colors would be amazing.  I think by allowing customers to do this so that they can use their corporate colors, that more buy-in from the company would occur as well.  People like to see their companies represented this way.

  • +1 from me too. Hex would be fantastic. 

  • +1 I also need to be able to apply custom colors to my graphs to conform to our required style guides

  • Hi Domo team,


    Is it possible to add more color options for the charts? The color options are very limited currently. It would be nice if color transaparency options are available too.




  • Custom colors are essentially required for my client to be able to use Domo. It may sound silly to some of us Domo "programmer types", but it is not a joke when it comes to large companies that need to protect and enforce their brand requirements. This idea has recurred for at least three years now, @DaniBoy when will Domo implement this change? @Gavatar 

  •  Srujana,

    +1 for your idea. This is a common request that has been asked of Domo practically since the product was released. I don't work for Domo, but it looks like they have been asking folks to compile these ideas into one thread. I posted about it yesterday as well. Here is that thread. Maybe if we all keep trying, Domo will finally address this (seemingly) simple yet important feature. @Gavatar @DaniBoy @jlazerus @user05009


  • I merged your new idea with this one including the votes. 

    @Gavatar can you chime on the incremental requests for colors?


  • +! 
    I would like to touch on this idea of custom color based on the hex code instead of allowing us to select from limited options which are not a holistic representation of various data.

    I am not sure if it's in progress or if there is an update on this.
    color in charts.PNG-


  • The option is there when you are changing the background color for a dashboard story.  I think this is just a matter of time before we see it in color rules as well.1.png


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    This is something which can enable wide UX/UI design options. so was actively looking forward to it.


  • See latest comments as its in Domo Stories now

  • @Gavatar do you want to add any more on this?

  • @DaniBoy The custom colors I’m looking for are for the data on the cards and not the backgrounds of the cards. I do like the new background options, however the color palette as shown in the color rules are still limited. 

  • @jlazerus duly noted and I will get some additional eyes on this from the product team to help clarify direction.


    Thank you!


  • I don't really think it's compelling reasoning to say that you want to limit our color options so our dashboards look "nice." A lot of our companies spend big money coming up with brand guidelines and color schemes that are very much "nice" and we need to be able to adhere to those schemes-- and trust me, the dashboards will still look fine (maybe even better!) with our branded colors.

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