CLI or native SQL-like GUI for SQL tooling

I would like to see the possibility of creating a SQL-like CLI or GUI (thinking psql, vsql, or Sequel Pro) for SQL dataflow creation or testing. 


The current SQL dataflow tool doesn't give a great preview of data when joining multiple datasets or even just adding functions to manipulate data in the same dataset. The preview seems to work with simpler queriers, but fails to present anything but the header row when the query becomes a little more complex. Because of this, you can't see if the output is what you desire. So, you write the query, save it, run it, look at the data, and if it's not what you expected, you have to click back through the UI to edit the query, then click back out to wait for it to run just to check it again. 


The current state doesn't allow for quick tooling. It'd be great to have a desktop tool (or just a CLI) that would allow you to access your company's data warehouse, and do query tuning from an environment that doesn't have so many steps like the current Domo UI for SQL dataflows. A CLI would be a decent starting point for something that is OS agnostic. Since some of the desktop tools/plugins that exist for Domo seem to exist on Windows only.

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