Bulk Edit Cards (via csv perhaps?) // macros for filters, titles, descriptions...

Hi everybody.
I would try to explain this by explaining a practical example we just endured. We had an external team redefining the syntaxis of the titles on a long series of cards.
They wanted to have the already exinting views segmented by country in separated graphs, so we had to create one page (several collections within each) for each country.
That made us apply filters for each country, of course, and to change some small things on some graphs, but after the "important" job was done, there were still the matter of titles and descriptions, which had to be changed due to them containing only one country.
It may seem a small thing, but I would not exagerate to say we spent over 20 hours in total just updating titles/descriptions. And the worst part is, any change we have to make in the future, we'll have to do it more than 10 times.
So any options available to make bulk changes or even define macros within descriptions would save us great time.
What's more, if we could define a filter for a column to match %_country (for example), then we could even copy all the cards adn have them auto adjust for each page just defining that parameter at page/collection level. It would be like creating custom templates, as to say.
I am aware of the auto analyzer, but that's an option not accepted because final users of the dashboards don't want to apply a single filter to have the data.
I thougth that, for the bulk editings approach, perhaps a csv export/import of the cards would be pretty operative, the same way this idea works in Google Adwords. There you would export a certain number of campaigns, change some items/attributes and upload them again to make the changes effective. It is great, too, to create custom templates.
Of course, I'm not saying cards should be created/modified entirely by uploading csvs, but the more attributes you can control this way, the less you had to use the interface to accomodate transversal changes to your pages.
What do you think?
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  • I agree, I asked whether this was possible at a domo training session, but seems like it still is not a feature.

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