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  • Hi @DaniBoy  and @codysmith  .... That's great news...  ?


    Do you have an estimated date to have this functionality released? Q4? 



    Mauricio Oliveira

  • @OliveiraMau  thanks for reaching out. Yes, this is progressing and the plan is to have it out this year. I'll have a more speific timeframe here in a few weeks as we get the development and testing finished up to see which release train it will fall into.





  • Hi all - We are excited to announce that CSV attachments on Scheduled Reports is nearing beta availability. CSV attachments on Scheduled Reports will allow you to have quick access to a complete profile of your data without an active internet connection, give you the ability to perform quick ad-hoc analysis on snapshots of your data, and give you an easy way to share important data with customers or colleagues outside of your immediate organization on a recurring schedule.


    If you are interested in participating in this initial beta offering, please click here to sign up. Once signed up, you will receive an invite email when this feature is ready.




    Josh Millheim

    Product Manager


    cc: @codysmith@DaniBoy 

  • See latest from @Millhouse and the link to sign up for the Beta program here.




  • I would like to have a report with an attachment (Excel or Powerpoint)

  • Are there any updates on this? It's been quite some time since the original post was posted and a month since the beta was announced. This is a very crucial aspect for sending out reports and I would love to have it as a feature soon! Thank you. 

  • @Millhouse please provide an update, thanks!

  • @Cartergan Thank you for your excitement in participating in the beta! Our initial goal was to make this beta available by the end of the year, but unfortunately we ran into some things during testing that caused the initial beta to be pushed back. We are actively reviewing this feature to make sure that it meets our quality and performance standards, and on track to have it available early next year.  Once available, all customers that have signed up for the beta above will receive an invite email with instructions about the new functionality. 



    Josh Millheim


    Product Manager

  • You can send a report with full data / charts / tables visibility when you use the design view of the page. When properly designed (given that now the layouts have flexible height) you can send out scheduled reports with all the information included.

  • Honestly, this will be a game changer. This is one of the reasons why I can't use Domo to push reports to individuals and have to bank on other reporting tools.


  • Ritwik
    Ritwik Atlanta 🟡

    If the scheduled report includes a PPTX/PDF, will it look the same as the current "Export to PDF" / "Export to Powerpoint" option in stories? 


    Those documents do not format the cards and dashboard well at all...or are we getting a complete revamp of the exporting of our dashboards? 

  • Any updates?

  • Hi all!


    This beta for this feature is now available. If you would like to be an early adopter and begin using this feature through the beta, please reach out to your Domo representative about joining the beta program.




    Josh Millheim

    Product Manager

  • Any updates on this?  I noticed that the actual format of the tables in the scheduled reports is different allowing for more data but I still have not heard any updates on an actual export of the excel format file.  



  • @Millhouse thanks for the update!

    This is great news.





    PS Customers please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive to join this Beta!

  • Well now...I am super excited.



  • Thanks Dani - I have reached out to both - this is something we have needed for quite some time!
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  • Thanks @Shevy I'll see your rep a bit later and let her know too. 

    Hope to see you and @ckatzman next month at Domopalooza!

  • Thanks @Millhouse 

    Is there a link to the feature/release details page?



  • Moose
    Moose Brooklyn, NY ⚪️

    Not sure where to look for or find it.

    Already enrolled in the beta program so would this export feature simply appear when creating a new scheduled report?

  • Excel or PPT automated delivery would be a great add.  Especially for dashboards that are table heavy that do not show well on dashboards.

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