Domo Page Dataset?

Does a DomoStats dataset exist that lists all pages and who thier owners are?  I've tried using the admin menu but I would like to export it to excel.   The reason I would like this data is to perform a cleanup on our pages, thier owners, and thier strucure.  I would like a master list of all pages and thier owners so that I can have them review and consolodate or transfer to a new owner etc.  Does another tool exist that I am not aware of that could help with this?

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  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh Florida 🟣
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    @mbrennanYou can use the Domo Governance datasets, it has this as a dataset as well as a dataset with data flows and their inputs/outputs. It has so many datasets that could help with cleanup. I would recommend just getting them all. It is a connector so you have to have a token and then create each of the 13 datasets with a run schedule. Go to the Appstore, then connectors, and search Domo Governance and you should see it. 


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