Adding/moving child pages + bug with Company Settings pages

In general I find the page organization to be a little sticky. I use the button on the right of my list of pages to create a new page and sub pages, but if I change my mind about which Parent page a sub page should be under, I can't move it out of its family.


Also, I can't create sub pages from Company Settings -- so if my company settings include a page called "Cities", and subpages where each city has its own cards, and then I start doing business in a NEW city, I have to remove the "Cities" page from company settings, quickly add the new city as a sub page, and then reconfigure company settings.


BUT THERE'S MORE. When I do that, all my subpages resort themselves to some arbitrary order, so I have to alphabetize them by hand. And risk looking like I don't know how to spell in front of all of my users, if I accidentally put something in the wrong spot. I see a great opportunity for Domo to make improvements on this, please put something in the works!


If Support or a product manager want to do a screen share and have me walk through this scenario I'm more than happy to make myself available. 

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  • I concur, also struggling with similar "changed my mind on how i want to organize Pages/SubPages and now want to move things around" issues.  Consideration on improvement of this feature would be appreciated.

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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket DOMO-43057.

  • @MitchyMitch8 can you please take a look at this?

  • Looks like a lot of us our having the same problems.

    This is even more prevlant with the new App Store.

    I've connect our company Facebook account to the Facebook QuickStart.

    It gets dropped at the top level with no option to chose a parent.

    I'd like to place it under a parent called Social media, but I have no way of moving it there.

  • @RobynLinden@Mike@ckatzman thanks for the input! We've updated our internal ticket to the engineering team for further review.

  • Just a follow up since this is being looked at --


    I recently had to go through this process:

    Remove parent page from company settings

    Add new child pages

    Re-add to company settings.


    Good news: the order stayed put! It did not re-sort causing me to have to alphabetize again.


    Bad news: The child pages I had added were appearing as sub pages available to my Publication Groups after I had moved them back into company settings -- the publication groups were NOT supposed to have access to these pages, and it seems moving them back and forth between company settings did something weird. I can try to recreate this for someone on Webex if that would be helpful.



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  • Any update on this? Would love to be able to add Subpages to Company Pages without having to shift everything around.

  • @RobynLinden @JustAGirlyGeek this is an issue we are currently developing on so the wheels are moving!

  • I think this is FINALLY resolved! I just made a change to the alpha order of child pages in company settings and it worked for other users!!!!

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  • Thanks @RobynLinden for confirming and for your patience!



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