Own Powerpoint design



  • @mcoblentz Thanks for sharing your specific needs, this is helpful. We do have this request on our product backlog. 

  • @ckwright


    Thanks for the update!


    @mcoblentz I will keep a close eye on this one given the number of votes and comments. We know it is important to you and many others.


    Appreciate your patience!





  • Will be having everyone who has an mngdirect.domo.com login vote for this as well.

  • I agree this would be a big time saver

  • @Gavatar

    This is one that should be on your radar, please provide an update to this one given the great demand for it.



  • Almost every major company has a brand standard set by marketing.  It's a bit more complex to go into the powerpoint plugin and embed card by card vs the default export, which is a perfect user-friendly option.


    Please consider this, as well as the option to remove the Domo logo by default.

  • This is a must have .. I hope you can add this feature soon.. Good luck!

  • Forgive me if i'm bringing back a dead topic but I did not see a resolution yet from my searches. This would be extremely helpful for our company as well.


    Was there any progress in the last 4 years? 

  • So far the only way we've been able to format our PPT slides is to use the existing Domo PPT Plugin tool. It has its challenges but works pretty well and our Account Managers love it for quickly preparing client reviews.

  • @DaniBoy 


    please advise. 

  • The PPT plugin is the solution for this request.

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