More Chart colors

I would like the ability to select more than the 12 colors when building charts

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  • This is definitely coming, a member of the product team sent me an email with a little screen shot sneak peaking another six colors! I had made the same request, and he got it in the pipeline. I think we should see them on the next release, hopefully a Domo staffer can confirm. 

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  • That is huge! I'm running out of colors and people have complained that everything looks the same.

  • Looks like this was released yesterday!

    Broadway + Data
  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket # DOMO-37811

  • Also look at @RobynLinden idea here.


    We are checking to see if these were deployed or will be soon.



  • Would really like black/grayscale options, plus the ability to select a particular data point (a column, for example) and highlight that one with a different color (say, red) like you can do in excel

  • magicdust


    Please see this existing idea on this topic here, Be sure to search the community first for existing topics and ideas that may have already been asked or proposed.


    Thank you!


  • magicdust


    Please see this existing idea on this topic here, Be sure to search the community first for existing topics and ideas that may have already been asked or proposed.


    Thank you!


  • @DaniBoy I searched and viewed the existing proposals. The topic that you enlisted only talks about new color, and not custom color that you can select. The new feature only give more option of pre selected color. I was proposing something where a card creator can select %RBG to make their own color. And I don't think that is covered in the link that you posted. 

  • magicdust,


    Thanks for the additional clarity. I will have one of the product managers review this as we have quite a few ideas submitted on color options in Domo.






  • @DaniBoy Again, please read the suggestion carefully. The idea here is to change the background color and not the color of the charts or the data points on the graph. Right now, all the graphs have white/colorless backgroud and there is no concept of theme e.g. dark theme, etc. I don't think any of above is covered in the topic that you have posted.

  • Thanks for submitting this idea.  I am assigning this to our product manager @Gavatar who review the request.

  • Thank you for this idea. I am assigning this to our product manager @StevenC for review.

  • Thanks for the suggestion @magicdust! We've created internal ticket DOMO-64859 for our engineering team to review it.

  • Thanks @magicdust we are very aware of this enhancement request and we are really striving to solve this the right way for Domo customers. We could easily allow the setting of RGB values for colors however we also want to make the Domo UX look nice always. We use rules that make Domo cards always look good together on a page and with interactions. We do this by selecting palettes that look good together even when we apply our rules in various conditions in the product. We are working on several ideas now that would allow you to pick a palette of colors that work together well in Domo. Hopefully that will allow you to get a look that you want that still looks great everywhere in Domo. For now, you can add custom RGB values to custom cards using our Dev Studio (coming out at Palooza).

  • Thank you for your reply @Gavatar. I hear you when you say "you guys want to look Domo UX look nice always" (though I can say "nice" ). Anyways, what is Palooza and when can we get access of Dev Studio?  


  • Thanks @magicdust Domo palooza is our big annual conference/party next week. The dev studio will be turned on during the show.


  • @Gavatar ohh! Thank you ?

  •  I'd love to be able to meet our brand color guidelines in Domo, even if I have to write it in HTML.  Our Marketing team is very specific on how presentations and graphs must be displayed, so the more flexibility we have in color, font, etc, the better.

  •  I would love the ability for custom colours to be selectable using RGB values or hex codes. This way I can apply our brand theme/house style to cards, boosting authenticity. 

  • Any updates on when this feature may be rolled out? It'd be much better for our team to use company colors, which we currently can't do. 

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