Duplicate a Card to Multiple Subpages

Here's my scenario that I just noticed wont work how I attempted to do it.


I realized that when you "move/copy" a card to another subpage and then you try to edit (add a filter or something) to the card on the subpage - it updates the card on the originating page with that filter.


At first - was questioning why but then after some thought it started to make some sense as to why it would be setup that way.


However - I would like to be able to "copy" a set of cards to another subpage and be able to edit it specifically for that subpage with out it affecting the originating card.


If that makes sense.


I think if you added the same functionality that exists for "move/copy" to "duplicate/copy" so you can choose multiple areas and not just a single dropdown list, it would work and be easy to implement.

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