Permanent/Global Page Filters

Scenario: We have request from leadership and need 20 different pages that have the same cards but have one filter change (we need this because of the publication group bugs). We need to change one filter on every card on all pages. (10 cards X 20). They do not want to use the Page Analyzer because it doesn't stick. 


Current State: We are duplicating the cards from the main page and then having to change every card.


Desired Future State: If I have the correct permissions, I would like a way to apply a filter/change a filter to all cards on a page (global filters). Have it work exactly like the Page Analyzer but have it applied to all cards as a permanent filter for all users. 


This is a combination of another post of copying a page. The best scenario for this would be to copy a main/master page and duplicate as a subpage or another main page. Then be able to apply a filter to all cards on the new page. 


Please let me know if you need more clarification on the 

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  • @MitchyMitch8 can you take a look at this please (from admin perspective)

  • Is there any follow up to this? This feature would be greatly welcomed and appreciated.


    Thank you.

  • @cmarkum @claudecyrill this is a great suggestion! We've submitted ticket# 60404 to our engineering team. Stay tuned for updates on this issue!

  • any update on this?  Global variable selection on even just a page level or collection level for all cards within the page/collection would be very useful for me.

  • Hi @Caneco, these filters are something we are working on! We're still working on refining all aspects of the feature!

  • Over a year since the last update.


    Has this been implemented?

    -Will Thompson

  • DaniBoy



    @michaelf @btm


    Please provide an update on this feature.


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  • @product_John will be able to provide a better answer for the status of this feature.

  • @product_John any updates on this feature?

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