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Allow connecting Slack for sending alerts.

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea.  Our product manager for this area is @mdelorey and he will take time to respond.

  • @collin thanks for the feedback! we definitely have more external integrations on our radar for alert messaging. stay tuned for domopalooza!


    is it alright if i put you on the list of customers interested in testing additional alert messaging features?

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  • Retired Domo Alum
  • mdelorey



    @collin: i wanted to follow up and see if you were able to see the demo for the new version of buzz. if so, do you have any thoughts about how alerts posting to buzz might address this need? if you didn't get a chance to see the demo of the new buzz, i'd be happy to jump on a screenshare to give you a tour and get you signed up for the beta if you're interested.

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  • With Domo Buzz. This idea will not longer be necessary. 



  • I think integration to Slack would be a great feature to have in Domo. Some of your competitors already have this feature in place. Here is a sample video from Looker

  • mdelorey



    @fsalinas: Domo Buzz is definitely a great collaboration platform, and we're currently working on fully integrating alerts with Buzz.


    @Rafael_Oliveira: Yes! I had seen that video from Looker. Seems like a very tight integration. One of our primary goals at Domo is to bring people and data together so this is a good suggestion. We'll keep it on the radar as we develop our roadmap.

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  • Thanks @mdelorey ! I appreaciate the feedback ? 

  • I'm also interested in Slack integration in some cases. For example, we have a Slack channel that receives success/failure notifications about our data at different points in the pipeline before it reaches Domo. It would be very nice to have Domo Workbench, for example, send a notice on success/failure of a job to this Slack channel.


    This isn't really a competitive use with Buzz, it's something different that would be helpful. The only way to accomodate this need at the moment that I can think of is:


    -- Have Domo send notifications to an email address.

    -- Automatically parse these emails.

    -- Create a call to the Slack Web hook for notifications and forward the information.


    It would be a lot nicer if Slack notiication were made available wherever alerts are enabled in Domo. Or least some kind of Web hook system that's a bit more generic - Slack isn't the only system out there, you might want custom code or some other service, etc. Slack is what I'm after today, but it needed be the only target going forward.



  • I agree with DataSquirrel. I have to use Slack for everything else I do at work. It would be nice if Domo would integrate so I don't have to use more than one system.

  • @jlazerus or anyone else. Has anyone tried to set up a forwarding address in Slack here then change your own notification settings in Domo to email you for alerts...then in your email client set up a rule to fwd those alerts to your fwd address in Slack for another place to be notified?  There is also a zap here  that looks like you could do something similar with and then at that point you'd be able to send Domo alerts into Channels in Slack vs just emailing yourself.  Anyone had done this yet?  I may try it this week to see how it goes if I don't hear back.  Shot me a PM and I'll be happy to let you know how it goes.  - matt

  • To follow up on my post from 10/30...sorry for the delay.  


    I was able to get alerts sent directly into a slack channel.  You can do it direclty to your own slackbot if you want, but channel is the need I had.  


    Here is what I had to do:

    1. Set up an zapier email here and go through the steps: 

    2. Once you have a zap email and you've connected your slack account go into Domo and create that zap email as a SOCIAL user

    3. Set up the Social user to receive the alerts.  


    Downside here:

    1. The format doesn't look perfect in Slack for your alerts, but it gets them in there.  You can customize what is being sent into Slack.

    2. I have no idea if 30 days from now Zapier is going to want me to pay for this service.

    3. I never could find a way to do this directly to Slack without using Zapier.  For Slack you can email directly into your own account, but not into a Channel....adding Zapier of course adds another layer where things can go wrong and you'll have to manage.


    Good luck!


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  • I also did this using the "Send Now" for various cards and it just looks messy and you have to download the it up from a list of junk files that are included.  The best use would be for alerts.

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