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I would like to be able to upload our own Powerpoint design and use that for exports (or be able to pick which design we want to export it to).



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  • We would like this very much. If you want us to use Domo to be able to export and share with Board Members, customers, etc., we need to be able to change the target power point template.

  • This is definitely a great feature to have. The ability to have the power point export my own company branding/logo/colors/design/disclosure statements is awesome. What would the timeline be to have this feature available?

  • It's great Domo has made good improvements on the Power Point exports but the little details of having the export include my company branding (Color/Background/Fonts) would be awesome. 

  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket # DOMO-37788

  • It appears that this idea was submitted here and is under review. If this is the same idea be sure to vote it up. If your request is different or unique please provide more detail so we can better understand your specific request. You can also add a comment to the original idea if they are a close match.




  • @StevenC can you take a look at this please?

  • any progress on this ?


  • @magicdust we updated our ticket on this and assigned it to the correct engineering team for review. This is a great idea with lots of support from the community. We'll see what we can do!

  • Just to add an up vote on this one - We would like this as well.  

  •  @mcoblentz please click on the big white arrow next to the idea, to add your vote.




  •  Ah!  Thanks, @DaniBoy.  Done.  

  • This is great feedback and I agree this would be a great product feature to export your own PPT Desgin. We are looking into this feature and scoping the developement effort. I will uprovide an update as more information becomes available. 

  • Alternatively, you can use the image card to upload the companies logo. Unfortunaly the image cards are not supported for PwP export yet. @ckwright 

  • We have a cliendt who would like this as well.

  • Hi is this going to be released soon? I would really utilize this feature as well. Our executives have been asking for this as well

  • Our organization has listed this feature as one of our biggest needs. We commonly provide customers and vendors reports based upon their activity with us. Not being able to customize our own deliverables without extensive deleting of the current format make using Domo a huge pain.
  • This is huge for us as well.  We were told when we signed on with Domo last fall that cards could be customized to meet brand requirements, but I guess our definition of customized was different than the Domo team's definition of customize.  


    I'll be at Domopalooza next week, really hope to get some good news on this one!

  • For anyone coming to DP16 next week please sign up for my Dojo workshops will certainly address this during my Dojo overview.

    Check out the raffle details http://dojo.domo.com/raffle
  • I would love to see the following options when exporting to PowerPoint:


    1. Export without Domo logo
    2. Export without our company logo
    3. Export with customization options
      1. Our company's branding (logo, colors, fonts)
      2. Our client's branding (logo, colors, fonts)
  • Any update on this?  It's still important to us.  I thought I saw something about it in the MajorDomo notes but I haven't found it.  

  • @btm,


    Can you provide an update on this please?



  • @mcoblentz   We started using the PowerPoint beta plugin for importing cards directly into our template.  It works fairly well, although the level of permission to refresh the slides is higher than Participant, which makes things interesting in our environment where our sales users are all at the Participant level.  


    If you haven't tried it yet, it's pretty neat.  It does lack a few things, like filters, but if analyzer filters become a saved object in Domo (which I've heard through the rumor mill) then maybe that is something they can include in a future version of the plugin.  

  • Hi @jlafee


    Many of us are on Macs, which the plugin does not suppport.  

  • btm



    Thank you for submitting this @JoSaCh. I am assigning to our product manager @product_John to review and comment.

  • Thank you for submitting this idea @JoSaCh.  Domo is taking a look at providing branding options for a number of features, including PPT export.  I will include your list in our backlog for review as we start designing and building this out.


    Thank you

  • Require the ability to apply our company and individual client graphics, logo, colors to Domo cards so that our staff does not have to reformat or copy/paste after PPT has been downloaded.

  • I have combined this to the original idea.



  • So here's where we are:  

    • We want to upload our own corporate templates and have Domo use those, which should be straightforward since it's just the header, footer, and no text.  
    • We want the powerpoint plugin idea to work in Mac
    • We want the image in the powerpoint to link back to the card.  And clicking the link should take us to that card (which does not work currently.  You go to Domo but not the card).  

    This idea has been around for 18 months.  No PM response on this one.  What does it take to get a response on this one, Dani?  

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