Visual indicator in Data Center that source contributes to DataFusion

I have a few DataSets that have no cards built on them, but are actually used for DataFusions. I almost deleted one today because I forgot about the fusion, and saw 0/0 under Cards/Views. Would be great to see an icon, or see a different background color in the data center to remind me that the DataSet should NOT be deleted and is part of a fusion or flow. 


FYI here's why I have this scenario in the first place:


I have a DataSet that powers many cards, and I've taught my users to look for the name (ex Sales Report 070515) so they will know how updated the data is. However, I wanted to fuse this to some other data, and write some Beast Modes on the Fusion. 


Since Beast Mode needs the source data + column name (ex 'Sales Report 070515-Product 1') I needed to have a version of the Sales Report that did NOT get the name revised with each update, because it was breaking all my beast modes. So now I quickly upload two jobs via Workbench, of the exact same data. Once is retitled weekly and is used to build cards, and the other has 0 cards/0 views so it can more cleanly operate within the DataFusion.

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  • Thank you for this idea. I am assigning this to our product manager @alexpeay for review.

  • We are looking at how we can make it more apparent what the lineage is for a given DataSet and helping users know where the DataSet was derived from and what it contributes to within Domo.

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
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