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    January 5
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    Congrats, you just upgraded your rank from a 'Purple Belt' to a 'Blue Belt!' 🎉
    You are now an official member of our exclusive 'Super User' group -- full of others just like you -- Domo experts! This group gets special trainings from Domo insiders, continued support, and decision power on how things happen around here. We would like to invite you to our weekly Friday meetings with fellow Domo super users where content is taught from Domo insiders. Keep your eyes out for an email with this invite -- we look forward to welcoming you into the group. You'll also receive a special 'Super User' badge added to your profile. Way to go!

    It doesn't get much better than a Blue belt! In Karate, the blue belt symbolizes growth within the mind and body -- and it shows! 🏋️ Your knowledge is valuable and needed here on the Dojo. Only three more upgrades and you are officially a member of the exclusive Super User group! You now have access to the "Super User" board on the right side of the home page. Here you can communicate with the Super Users and get insider Domo scoop. You'll also receive a special 'Super User' badge added to your profile. Way to go!

    The next rank is right in reach! To earn the 'Brown Belt' (and even more Amazon money -- $100), well come on, you know what you need to do! Ask questions, comment, react, earn badges, provide solutions, etc. All these methods... and more will give you points to upgrade to the next belt.

    You have a strong reputation on the community! Domo rewards and special opportunities are given to our highest rank users. Keep coming back, the community needs blue belts! 🥳 🔵
    December 2022