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  • Can you just join the new with the old on the GL account code and in the output use the new date in place of the old date? Instead of SELECT old.`Date`, old.`GL Account`, old.`Gl Name`, old.`Balance`, old.`Batch Last Run` FROM historical as old Use something like: SELECT new.`Date`, old.`GL Account`, old.`Gl Name`,…
  • What are you doing to the data after you export it? Some sort of manual process? If you absolutely have to keep the email dataset, and you want the export/import automated, it sounds like you need to script your own process outside of Domo. Generally speaking, that would include: Using the API, export the data Using Python…
  • The feature I saw was probably early beta but I haven't heard of any advancements since last summer.
  • I was loosely involved with a similar project while at Domo. My team created an app to group multiple variants of television program names together using soundex and Levenshtein. See if you can't get your account executive to put you in contact with Tanner Bindrup at Domo. Guy's a genious.
  • Thanks. We want the whole dashboard view on one browser page, not individual cards in full browser view. That's what we're trying to avoid.
  • @NewsomSolutionsThanks for the response. These are only for internal users. We haven't invited social external users to view our data. We frequently use publications on TVs in order to avoid daily authentication, so it needs to be a URL.
  • Thanks @zcameron Three things: I put in my own credentials (I'm not a sys admin) I chose instance type of online (I think we're a hybrid, though not sure) I chose the script report of mail traffic (there are so many options here I'm not sure which is best) After that configuration, the connector runs for >5 minutes and…
  • When I use Google Chrome this works as expected for me. I can't say for sure why it's not filtering for you.
  • Grüsse! Definitely. Email me [email protected]
  • I'm unaware of a way to have a filter disaggregate a card configured on one dimension and have it aggregate on another dimension. I dont' believe the underlying query engine is set up that way. What you could do is provide a sumo card that users can edit on the fly, without making permanent changes to the card. They can…
  • Webhooks like this are mostly a backdoor for Domo employees but can be helpful for those who know them. With data repair specifically, you can only remove pieces of the dataset that have come in as part of the historical append chain. Datasets that replace themselves will only have one link in this append chain
  • My file is actally JSON, the job is set to XML type, and the settings are as attached
  • Greetings @DataMaven We are using the Sharepoint Online connector, and we're simply using our SSO credentials to log in using that connector. We've actually set up with our security folks some system users whose passwords don't have regularly required updates like our personal users do. It took some experimenting at first…
  • The regular interface does not provide an option to disallow Buzz for any group or user or role. You are probably best seeking advice from your Domo rep on this one. Maybe there are some hidden features out there.
  • Hi Alex Any chance you ever figured this out? We're looking to connect and there still isn't a connector.
  • Hi Karthik Is the database on our machine, or is that just your machine name that you're using SSMS to connect to the database somewhere else? It sounds to me like your machine isn't exposed to the internet. You could try running Workbench on your machine and connecting to your database with ODBC, making sure to get the…
  • That's one way you could do it. What I'm referring to is a "Publish as Slideshow" menu option, set to public. The URL provided is what the browser hits.
  • In our case our computers are connected to web browsers that are running a Domo publication URL, so we don't have to log in or authenticate.
  • Hi, Karthik Do you have files that need regularly scheduled updates in Domo? If so, using Workbench on a desktop is ok if you have that desktop is always running. Most of the time, in my experience, Workbench is installed on an always-on server. In our case that's a virtual server. If your files don't need regular updates,…
  • Datafusion is primarily used for the simplest of use cases when you want to just join or union datasets together. It also runs VERY fast. ETL has much more functionality and is better for most use cases involving conditional logic, column filtering, custom calculations, grouping, filtering, formatting, etc. 
  • In addition to finding the min and max value for each quarter, I'd also a assign a random value in a new column for all the rows, and then find the rows with the min/max random values. Then, given the min and max random value of the min and max response value, you could then use to filter just the two rows you want to…
  • Thanks Priya I do believe Domo limits the number of options that can appear in a list by default, but I believe you can still search and select them, even if you don't find them when you scroll through the list.
  • An svg file is another kind of vector file, like a pdf, that identifies and names bordered regions that are filled with whatever color like geogaphrical maps I downloaded program called Inkscape and, after feeding it an image of the product, identified and labeled the regions to match the labels in our data. For one custom…
  • Hi Priya Can you clarify that question for me? Are you saying you have a card onto which you've added a column to filter on, and you're wondering how many of the values in that column you can select to filter on? Or you have that column added to filter on but you don't believe you have all of the values in that column…
  • I doubt you can do that to the default maps, but Domo has released or is releasing a custom charts feature where you can load your own map out of an SVG file. You could create your own file and customize cities and points for sure.
  • This looks like it was in a SQL dataflow. In this case, if you change the name of a dataset but don't clear and re-add that dataset in a dataflow, the dataflow logic will retain the old name in the code. For instance, if your dataset was originally called Digital Active Users and you added it to the dataflow, the table…
  • Can you copy the exact macro text out of the data label and hover text settings? "%_of_category" isn't an actual macro, so you would actually see that exact string come out on the chart. However, "%_PERCENT_OF_CATEGORY" is a valid macro. See the difference below:
  • I'm unaware of a way to replace a separate datasource via Excel. Uploading via Excel would end up creating a new dataset, which means the beast modes wouldn't carry over.
  • Beast modes are saved to the dataset regardless of the number of rows in the dataset. As long as the data you reload replaces exactly the same dataset, and isn't a swap for a new dataset, then yes, the beast modes will remain.
  • A good rule of thumb is to use Chrome and if you must use IE/Edge, multiple your Chrome load times by infinity;) Yes, my experience is IE and edge are slower. Also, from the system requirements ( Domo supports the two most recent non-beta versions of…