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  • The pivot table does not correctly calculate the beast mode as it should. It does not seem to follow any pattern (total, average, max, etc.). I found this knowledge base article indicating that since I am dividing two columns into each other my sub-totals column will not be accurate. Therefore, there is no solution except…
  • @MarkSnodgrass I actually have all datasets from domostats and the third party domo governance app. I have found that the domo governance apps are unreliable and would like something from Domo itself, thus my request.
  • Hi there! I actually have multiple datasets that append from the advanced s3 connector. One of my datasets brings in a new file with daily totals each day. What I have found to work best is to have a consistent naming scheme for all files and add a timestamp to the name. For example, today domo brought in the file named…
  • @Ashleigh @ST_-Superman-_ If you go to add a dataset through the cloud app connector and search "domo governance", it will appear. Dataset Schema is still listed as a report type.
  • Sorry about the faulty links there. If you go to add a new dataset and click on cloud app. That will then bring you to the connectors page. Search for DomoStats and you should see an icon with a db stack and a heart. If you go to the appstore and search DomoStats - Activity log, that free plug in should show up for you.
  • There is a connector called DomoStats that has an in depth version of the activity log. You could then filter based on "Action" and object to Page. There is also a free app from domo that has some page view information, DomoStats - Activity Log.