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  • Thank you @MichelleH and @mhouston You both answered my question. I as able to get the data from Domo Governance and then join the datasets to get what I needed. Thanks for your help
  • Thank you for your response. I actually did create these cards using the dynamic textbox and writing a beast mode so that they would show up. It would be nice to be able to dump these into a table and have more formatting options. Thanks for your help here.
  • That helps. Thank you. I missed the abbreviate in the Chart Properties. Thanks for your answer here.
  • I see the option of the Dynamic Textbox but that seems to be limited. For example my value is $496,000,000. With a Summary Number I can just select abbreviate and I get $496M. But with a Dynamic card I have to divide by 1000000 and then I can concatenate the 'M' but how do I make the $496 and the 'M' all the same color?
  • Thanks for the feedback. I think you are correct in that it will have to be done using ETL....I'll go that route. Thanks again.
  • Hi @amehdad Thanks for your input here. I am using a Grouped Bar chart where Lead Value is the Value and then I use Quarter and Region as the series. This allows for the graph I have above but I still cannot insert another value which would be the average of the lead value by Region. When using your suggested beast mode I…
  • Thank you Mark. I will check with our CSM.
  • Very nice. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't notice the drop down arrows off to the side. I see them now and see how they work for my pages. Thank you
  • Great. Thanks for the clairification. That seems to work fine. Thanks for the help.
  • Both of these sound good but I couldn't get either link to work. Got an ERROR 404 PAGE UNAVAILABLE message. Do you know how to find these plug-ins?
  • Thank you. I missed this so thanks for directing me here. I see the image selection is located under the 'Change Background' and the change the 'Color Fill' selection. Nice. Got it now. Thank you.
  • This worked out great. Thank you for the suggestions here. I did change it a bit, did not use the 'reverse' but got it to work based on your input. This is what worked: CONCAT(SUBSTRING(CONCAT(`10232field`,' '),1,2),',',SUBSTRING(CONCAT(`10232field`,' '),3,3)) Since my number is not really changing I was able to avoid the…
  • Here is the answer This can be done by moving the Sub Page to a Parent Page in the Admin settings, and then changing it to a Company Page. Here is our Knowledge Base article on moving a Subpage:
  • thank you...I think I'll go with this option.
  • Ah..yes. Workbench. Thank you for the response and the direction. That should work perfect.
  • ...or sorry, also needed to add the 'ELSE 1' at the end of the last statement so that the 'Q1' and 'Q2' values would be multiplied by 1.
  • Thank you for the response. I wasn't able to insert a new attribute into our data table since I didn't have the time to do so. Our table is a large Hadoop table. But I did find another solution. By taking the 'MAX' out of the conditional statement with the 'SUM' and then multiplying it when the `QUARTER` = 'Q3'. I also…
  • Hi Tomo, Thank you for your answer. It worked perfect. The key was to see the: CHART PROPERTIES > Genearl > Unsorted Data: ON I didn't know about that. Thanks for your help. It worked great.
  • That is perfect. Thank you for the direction here.
  • Thank you. I'll look for this when I have access to the new analyzer. Thanks for the response.
  • @nruts36 Thank you for your response. It sounds good but I cannot find the "Total Row" under the properties section. All I see under properties is: General, Alignment, Attributes, and Colors. None of those have "Total Row". Sorry to be so slow, but what am I missing? Thanks
  • Thank you once again. You are correct. When drilling down through the viewer, rather than the card builder view, it does hold the date range and time frame. The totals do look correct. Thank you.
  • Thank you for the reply. I checked the data type and it does seem to be of DATE type. I've attached a few screen shots of what I'm seeing... Page 1. Top level card. You can see the "Activity Date" in the Date Range Field. You can also see from the categories that it is of DATE type. Page 2. Drill down card. I don't see the…