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  • Yes I need an ID column. WHile what you did helps it still repeated the first valuse for 100 lines. I need the unique ID so I can matche and add columns per the ID number not the "name" column, because I can have the same value in the "name" column. Thanks for your help.
  • Ok, I am trying to give my table a new column for an unique identifier. I am wanting to ALTER TABLE table_name ADD column_name column_type FIRST; I keep getting a Syntax error. If I dont't use the SELECT command, the error tells me it can not gernertate an output table, and no matter where in the syntax I put the ALTER…
  • Im gona test it out, but i think the problem is there is not a unique idenifer for each row. For example an ID column. Similar to a column that counts the rows. I can then join the data per the counting column and not the name column.
  • OK, here are some screen shots of the ETL Data Flow. Here I set up the Data FlowThe data in height_ft_in_convert is correct The data in Set Column Type 1 is correctHere is the config. it should combine the data from from each data set if the identifying columns have the same value. The result is the first line of data,…
  • Thanks for your help, I was able to use the SUBSTRING_INDEX() to get the specific substring I was looking for. One issue I had was that my data does not always have a fraction (/) character. So, I had to run a SUBSTRING_INDEX() to get everything between the (-) and ("). I then needed to get the fraction seperated. So I…
  • The SUBSTRING() does not work in my situation because I am trying to use it on a column with varying information. In my column I will have information in just inches (8 1/2") as well as information in ft and in (5'-6 1/8"). I have been successful in using the LEFT() command to remove all the (") special characters. I am…