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  • @Ben_Dunlap - I strongly concur with the rest of the folks here that you should give Magic another shot. 7 Million rows isn't a very large dataset, so even if you just use Magic when you need performance, it would help. If your analysts aren't interacting a lot with the end-users, SQL can make sense as a way to leverage…
  • Plus ability to select multiple accounts and do a bulk action.
  • This is a HUGE liability! Not being able to review how, where, and when tokens are being used not only poses a security risk, it also makes offboarding essentially impossible. We need to have some way of identifying how access tokens are used, especially since they are sometimes used for activities other than their…
  • @MichelleH - that's exactly what I am working on doing. It will be a pain for everyone, but will hopefully help.
  • @Joe_M - Those fields aren't something we will be able to give you much guidance on, aside from advising you to chat with the owner of the dataset. If these are not fields directly from the original dataset, there is a dataflow (or view) which is generating the dataset, and that's where you will find the logic. However,…
  • That's exactly where I am going with that! 👍️ I am in a credential nightmare right now. Hundreds of datasets where the credentials belong to about a dozen former employees. Can't delete the users because their profiles own credentials, and the ownership can't be changed. Ownership of everything else is simple to change in…
  • Here's my current find and replace list for the json. I don't have the multi video one, but if you search for amazonaws in your json files for your courses, you will know there is an issue there.
  • I am looking forward to deeper engagement and commitment from Domo in this space. Account teams should be directing users to the Dojo. It would be a huge win for Domo because so many first level support questions can be answered here. Perhaps cost savings on support could then be allocated to rewarding those who are…
  • And yes - In my beast mode comment, I was just breaking it down differently, using what was already typed. I didn't make an example and test it or anything.
  • You need to play with your parentheses a bit, I think. Depending on exactly what maths you are looking to achieve, this may help. Though, this assumes that you are including the multiplication step in the denominator. Not sure your order of operations. Throwing the sum around all of it may help with the date issues because…
  • This should be done in dataflows. There needs to be data integrity and audit trail in place. Deleting rows from source data is a slippery slope, not suitable for an enterprise platform.
  • You can currently do this. Check the 3 dots next to the field. There are some great features for the calculations, as well as the existing fields.
  • YES PLEASE!!! Right now, I actually have some cards with hidden columns with the non-HTML link info so that they show up when the card is exported. It's a pain and gets confusing when you go back later! In addition to the original idea, it would be great if the configuration of this field gave the 'Display As' option which…
  • @jaeW_at_Onyx - Reach out to Dani in this thread and he'll get you looped in! We look forward to you joining us!!!
  • Link to Domo's Dashboard: @LLucinski
  • @jaeW_at_Onyx - This is all great to hear! I am supposed to be going to Edinburgh in May, but we will see where things are at then. If you're engaged on the Remote User Group call, I'm sure you'll hear about when I am coming. I am sure we can figure out a way to connect. Once the ocean has been crossed, only minor details…
  • @DaniBoy I DID!!! lol! Sorry Shannon! I copied from the wrong spot!
  • An observation...the Earth is heavier than any of its parts...In searching for swanky icons, I found that the 3-D flag icons are always floating, but the planet is not! lol
  • @DomoRookie Hi Shannon! I was happy you were on the call today!
  • YES!!! That should also be the case with changes in sharing. There are some scenarios where unsharing at the page or card level does not trickle back to the dataset. We had a situation where someone added a cards to pages which were shared to the 'Default' group. That granted access to the dataset. When the sharing was…
  • @ST_-Superman-_ @Valiant @MarkSnodgrass @swagner @Shevy @Godiepi @jackb1117 @deannamoore @GrantSmith @imelendez @TacoShelly @Figauro @Cartergan @Zer0GravArdvark @moench @SeanPT @n8isjack @Aditya_Jain @WizardOz @MartinB @Sweep_The_Leg @D-Rab @jstan @NewsomSolutions @cwolman @Property_Ninja @Jeffsnake @guitarhero23 @Ashleigh…
  • @ST_-Superman-_ @Valiant @MarkSnodgrass @swagner @Shevy @Godiepi @jackb1117 @deannamoore @GrantSmith @Figauro @Cartergan @Zer0GravArdvark @moench @SeanPT @n8isjack @Aditya_Jain @WizardOz @MartinB @Sweep_The_Leg @D-Rab @jstan @NewsomSolutions @cwolman @Property_Ninja @Jeffsnake @guitarhero23 @Ashleigh @Godzilla @cmarkum…
  • @imelendez ... Didn't I harp about null values in our work together? LOL Domo does not handle nulls well. Get rid of them in your ETL before the card. Beast mode is fine in the interim, but you know I always want it firmly built in ETL if it can be.
  • Did it help?
  • @Trumpetbob42 EXCELLENT!!! Is your 42 for the Ultimate Answer...or another meaning?
  • I must be missing something here. Are you looking for metadata on the content you have in Domo, or something else? You can 100% report on what datasets are powering which cards on which pages, etc, using the governance dataset. Am I misunderstanding what you are looking for?
  • Hi @Varun - Have you downloaded the Governance datasets, or only DomoStats? The DomoStats tables are great for user management and a bit of content administation, but the Governance tables lend a lot more in terms of cradle to grave environment reporting. You need to build dataflows to get the full benefit of them, but can…