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  • Any update on this?
  • Steps to remove users from a shared alerts: 1) On a card, click on an alert. 2) Click on the SHARE link at the bottom left of the alert. 3) Below the text box is the text called "Already shared with... ", click on the "v" icon 4) Remove the user you want by clicking on the x to the right of their name
  • Can this really cool functionality be applied to a single card as well?
  • I have submitted the request. Basically I would like to have more control over usage data. GA will not only give us way more metrics such as Geolocation, real time access and more.
  • Any update on this? I also noticed that with Publication groups on mobile, the default landing page doesn't work and when you log in using mobile, you are taken to the Home page that shows New cards, most viewed cards - which the users should not have access to.
  • Just to let everyone know this feature is now working. You can see who you shared it to and also remove anyone from share. Great job DOMO team!
  • Any update on this request? We want the same totals as in SUMO but in a table cahrt similar to how users can do in Excel. SUMO doesn't work as I can't have any drill down.
  • You cannot create a card like the way you showed but you can create a beast mode using CONCAT to show the totals of both of those values into the SUMMARY section of the card.
  • Is it possible to at least have the policies inherit the policies of the parent? For example I created the policies against a dataset and then created a new dataset using dataflow on the original dataset. Would like the new dataset to inherit the policies of the original dataset.
  • Either this or can we have a SQL component where we can write our own MySQL commands within Magic ETL? 
  • I created a new field in the dataflow and that field can be used as a filter.
  • Good suggestion. I ran into this issue too but ended up creating a dataflow. Makes sense that they should enhance the platform to allow for filtering.
  • I found out that you have to create a duplicate column if you want to use it as a drop down filter and you have to use the same datasource for drop down filter as well as the widget you want to control. So for example if you have a drop down to select city then you need two fields that has city. Name the other field as…