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  • Thanks for the suggestions. I'm a little surprised that this had not been addressed before, but hopefully in a newer release. While a headache for now I might go with the table view option and see how it turns out. Again thanks for the suggestions.
  • @MichelleH Thanks for the suggestion, however I'm working with upwards of 40 fields worth of data. I'm trying to see how to condense them down into one coherent display screen. Like below: Order # ______ (?) Tracking # Inv # Status Customer Info Pick up From Deliver To (Cust Name) (Bus Name) (Dest Name) (Street Add1) (Bus…
  • Found a cheat way, just created a BM to put everything into the current year. date((SUBSTRING(CURRENT_DATE(),1,4) * 10000) + (MONTH(`BDAT_DATE`) * 100) + DAY(`BDAT_DATE`) )
  • Ditto, I have several users who have difficulty distinguishing the default color scheme.