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  • @ST_-Superman-_, Thank you for your response. The solution you described can be (and is) used as a workaround. Since DOMO doesn't provide a "no fill" option, so the "revert" color rule on underneath drillpath cards cannot be completely reverted. The closest color I can choose is the lightest grey, which is not desirable.…
  • I see. Thank you for the clarification, Dani. Do we have status update then?
  • Thank you for the response. Yes, for simple views as in my example, heatmap can be a solution, but my tables usually have more information. So, still, a feature like what Excel Pivot table has is most desireable. Thanks, Hua
  • This IS idea #6408, according to what is on browser's address bar. If this is a duplicate, what is the one used for further review? We see more and more cases where this feature can be very helpful.
  • How about having two variables, one for dept. name and the other for position name? if (4) then deptName = obj2.value; posName = ''; if (5) then deptName = ''; posName = obj2.value; Then addCell using values in these two variable?
  • Thank you, @zcameron. Do you happen to know the performance of that API? If I have something, say, close to 20k rows of data, is this a good practice to upload using this API? Thanks, Hua
  • While "PRINT" gets all rows, it only prints header row once on the first page. So it may be hard to read for longer reports. It will be nice if this feature can be enhanced to repeat header row on each page. Regarding export to Excel, it should be a good option unless you have HTML tags used in any beast mode columns (in…
  • It will be nice to be able to add "non-existing" value to filter. We would need that too! Our example: when monitoring release status, it would be nice to have cards created up-front for the releases not yet started, but having a name convention to know the name. And the release name is used in filter.
  • I still see Facebook sample there on my view:!/edit/4812a950-c949-4bb4-8231-f044651d4c60 Can you see it? If not, it needs to be raised to DOMO connector support. Good luck!
  • @ckwright, Thank you for the update. Is this in production already? Also, can you please confirm if "Show Group Name Once" can work even "Show Subtotal Rows" is unchecked? Thanks.
  • Is there any update on including "Print" and other share options for drill paths? I still only see "Excel" and "CSV" options as of today.
  • The print of table chart now includes all rows, BUT the header row only is printed once on the first page AND wider tables still get cut-off. Please make improvement so the header row repeats on every page. More improvement needed on paper orientation, to allow landscape and/or scaling for wider tables. Thanks, Hua
  • Update: I decided to set both Subtotal Fill Color and Subtotal Font Color to the same color, so it is actually just shown as a "blank" row to separate groups.
  • In addition to the suggestions above, is it possible to hide subtotal row, but still displaying group name once? Currently if "Show Subtotal Rows" is unchecked, even if "Show Group Name Once", group names are still displayed repeatedly for every row. Is it possible to set "show once" at column level?
  • @kwmier, I do see your point about MEDIAN not existing in native T-SQL or MySQL, but is there in RedShift. If Median is not available when building the card as beastmode, then it is pretty much not usable, as the calculated median from dataset cannot be dynamically calculated based on filter, or grouping during…
  • It will be nice if DOMO can enable this feature to have a rich text enabled summary line. Before it is implemented, I am using tips from this post, and it works like a charm. It made possible to format the summary, color, font size, etc. It may be useful for your needs as well.
  • Great list! I would also suggest to add MEDIAN there too.
  • This is exactly what we needed! @Gavatar, great example and what a beastmode! Is there any workaround to generate sparklines as I asked in this post? I tried to use arrows to present the individual trend & connect them together, but without the reference of value, they don't look like a trend line. If you can suggest some…
  • Any update on this idea? This is really critical -- to keep the same color for the same series.
  • To add more to this request, I would like to have the date/time sync'ed across time zone. For example, if I have a due date on 5/3/2017 10am, I would users from all timezone to see 5/3/2017 10am in their local time, NOT 10am PST, 1pm EST, etc. Thanks, Hua
  • Great! It indeed showed up with color and font size change after saving the card. Thank you!
  • Thank you. The status change on the posts you suggested was from Jan. It will be helpful to know more info about the implementation timeline.
  • I tested this out, but it didn't work for me. The summary shows with all the tags there....... Code: CONCAT( '<div style="background-color:#bbe491; color:#000000; font-weight:bold; width: 100%; height:100%; margin:-20px; padding:20px">', '+$',MAX(`ReleaseName`), '</div>') The output is as shown in the attached image.…
  • I'm writing my own custom connector. Please see attachement.
  • The cut-off happens to export to PPT as well. Please make sure the improvements include that scenario. Thanks, Hua
  • It is good to know. I remmeber trying HTML tags in a beastmode field created for summary, but not working. Can you please share a working example? Thanks.
  • I ran into the same problem. "Watch File" works fine with CSV, but NOT for Excel. The job created for Excel showed as "no schedule defined". Created support ticket with DOMO under case 03471927. No further update from DOMO yet.
  • This is what I learnt from DOMO support and developer: " Updates cannot be scheduled from an unpublished connectors. What the Connector Dev Studio provides should be considered more of a preview of what they can expect their data to look like if the connector were published today. To schedule updates it needs to be…
  • Is it available now, 16months later? I still see UTC value returned in both dataflow & beast mode......
  • Other acceptable options -- add "SHOW ONLY # or rows for Editing". Current "Show Only" seems to be for the final card. Although it can be used as a temp. workaround while editing, it has to load the whole dataset for review before the final save which will still hit the performance issue. -- allow drillpath to change…