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  • Hello, It seems this is not the expected behavior. Can you please submit a support case to Domo so we can assist you further? Thanks.
  • Hello, You can use a Date Selector cards that lets users choose between a time period, which should also include "last 30 days".
  • Hey carlmcox, I can see what you are referring to, and I do not believe that area of a dashboard can be changed with an image or background at this time. I would suggest sending your request to Domo's Product team, so they can analyze the feature in more depth and let you know whether this is something that can be added to…
  • Hello, The export functionality is currently only available from the menu option. However, please feel free to submit a product feedback in your Domo instance so we can track that for you. Thanks.
  • Hello, Yes, you can use one transform to create a table, insert rows and call it. Thanks.
  • Hello user13047, This requires a fiscal calendar. You will need to reach out to your Domo account team in order to get that implemented into your Domo environment. - Jarvis
  • Hey Edward, You should be able to accomplish this by using case statements via Beast Mode. If something is not working as it should, then I would advise for you to reach out to your Domo account team. Unfortunately, I was not able to view your attachment, however, case statements should give you what you're looking for. It…
  • Hi user15215! I would recommend referring to the following helpdesk articles. First, make sure that your DomoR plugin is properly installed by following this guide: https://knowledge.domo.com/Prepare/Magic_Transforms/DomoR_Plugin/01Installing_the_DomoR_Plugin Once you've gone through that, you can refer to this guide to…
  • Hi Shevy, Alerts can only include information that is shown on the card. The only real way to see who made the change to the data is to include that as part of the data you have as part of your dataset, like if you include a "Submitter" field as a column as part of the data that is imported as part of the dataset. If you…
  • Hello Datadiva, You bring up an important point, and we would love to help you solve this issue. As of now, we can not do so, but would love to have more information. Reply to this post, and hopefully some of our Domo users can chime in. In the meantime, here are some knowledge base articles that you can look over and see…
  • Hi @PodiumMason, the suggestions from @jaeW_at_Onyx are going to be your best bet, as Domo doesn't current have the capability to do what you're asking unfortunately.
  • Hi @user14700 , You'll need to check on the endpoint that is being sent to check if there is data. If there's data, there is likely something incorrect in the configuration for the output of to Slack. Hrtr Here's more info on using Incoming Webhooks via Slack: https://api.slack.com/messaging/webhooks
  • This is great information and very helpful, thank you!
  • Hi there, Unfortunately, Facebook/Instagram has not yet provided an endpoint to call this information from.https://developers.facebook.com/docs/instagram-api/reference/media/ states "Limitations * IGTV objects are not supported." As a workaround are you able to export the information from their user interface and then…
  • Hello, have you tried looking in here for an answer? https://developer.domo.com/docs/dev-studio/dev-studio-overview If you can't find anything there, you can contact your Domo account team for assistance with this.
  • Hi, It depends upon how your dataset is configured. For a standard dataset, the full dataset must load. Maybe if you can partition your dataset then you can speed this up. Jarvis
  • Hi, Without seeing the cards and your app this could be a difficult one to answer. But to begin I would look at the cards in the analyzer view and look for differences. I'd identify what the card created from your custom app is lacking from the standard card. And then look to enable those properties. Jarvis
  • Hi, At this moment in time, the only way I know to access the link is through the admin section. Can you ask your, admin, to get the file for you? Jarvis
  • Hey, I've seen an issue like this before. Make sure you have permission on your user to download git hub repositories.
  • Hello user033418, I am not sure that I am fully understanding your request. However, more information on Domo for Developers, Magic ETL dataflows, and User Security Roles can be found in the links below: Domo for Developers: https://developer.domo.com/ Magic ETL dataflows:…
  • Hi There, I don't know of a way to do this either. Could you look at building cards filtered for specific situations like this? Jarvis
  • Hi, When connecting to Quickbooks through workbench have you referred to this guide; https://knowledge.domo.com/Connect/Connecting_to_Data_Using_Workbench_5/Connecting_to_QuickBooks_Data_in_Workbench_5 If after working through this issue this is still unresolved you may want to reach out directly to support. Jarvis
  • Hello, If the ETL will not convert the text field to a number then it suggests someplace in that field there are non-numeric values. Work with your dataset and by filtering you should be able to find the values in there ate are causing you this issue. You then have two methods you can use to resolve this. 1. Return to your…
  • Hi, Yes creating a custom connector will be the best approach for this. The submission piece will allow you to access the connector through your instance. You can get direct support for custom connectors by contacting [email protected] Jarvis
  • Hi there, This is not something I have seen in the dataflows myself but I'm sure its something support would want to know about. I would reach out directly to support and have them look at your dataflow directly. Best Regards Jarvis
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  • Hello Joe Some basic information on how these maps work is linked to here; https://knowledge.domo.com/Welcome/Available_Chart_Types/09Available_Maps As long as your dataset includes the State information as well then you should be able to apply that to filter to just the state required. Jarvis
  • Hi there, It sounds like you have a few options. if you need the historical data can you export that from your CallTrackingMetrics UI? If so you could import that to Domo and then use an ETL to append updated information to that data. I know many people have done this with various data sources. To deal with the 10k row…
  • Hi Joshua There are a number of reasons that a 400 error can be returned. I would reach out to support and see if they have any logs that give anything specific. Before that, though I would double your access tokens and other account-specific information. Jarvis
  • Hi there, Have you followed the steps in the documentation here; https://knowledge.domo.com/Connect/Connecting_to_Data_with_Connectors/Configuring_Each_Connector/Connectors_for_IT/ServiceNow_Connector There are a few items to pat special attention to like this; "Note: The user account for the connected ServiceNow…
  • Hello For a deeper log you may need to reach out directly to support. That would be my next step. Jarvis