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  • Ok, that was weird. I didn't make any changes to the data, but just reran it and even though the error was showing before (I had A, B, and C and then changed C to D and it showed all 4. Now it only shows the corrected A, B, and D). I also can't find other examples where this issue existed so I'm going to mark your answer…
  • Hi, thanks for the reply. The datasets in question are using the replace method so I don't think the recursive ETL is necessary. I already use that for certain reports that I want to append. I'm the only one building anything in Domo at all so it's more of an annoying cleanup issue for myself more than anything.
  • If you use the formula, it should be populating the new beast mode field with a value. So, if the new column is called "Status", then for the cases when `option` 'A' it stores a value of 'A' 'B' it stores a value of 'B' 'C' it stores a value of 'C' Anything else it should store 'Not Updated' And then when you graph it, it…
  • I think I understand your question, but let me restate: You want a count of options A, B, C, and Not Updated to show on a chart. If Option has a value A, B, or C, then it is considered updated. If so: case when `option` = 'A' then 'A' when `option` = 'B' then 'B' when `option` = 'C' then 'C' else 'Not Updated' end Then you…
  • Yes, it is now working! I thought I was going crazy for a second, but it seems like it's back to normal. Thanks for responding.
  • This looks like there may be more than just the text field being sorted since I think the logical progression would start with 120. I would take a look at your sorting filters first. Then, in general, if you want to sort out the order in which the items are displayed, you could take the same case statement you have below…