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  •  Status is still under review, any movement? 
  • Especially the backpack, hoddie and waterbottle- I loved those from Domopalooza!
  • There are times when you might not want to have it autosave as @StevenC mentioned. However, this could be easily accounted for by having a slide button at the top right that allows you to turn autosave on and off just as the quickfilter in the new analyzer does:
  • Similarly, I'd actually like to be able to stretch/resize the beastmode window, and move it around: https://dojo.domo.com/t5/Ideas-Exchange/Move-and-Resize-Beast-Mode-Pop-Up-Window/idi-p/23932
  • Even just to be able to select 'Run Now' in the Data Center (in the meantime...) would be very useful, instead of having to go into the data set. Data center only provides View, Preview and Delete, and you have to go into the dataset itself to Edit Name & Description, Export, Run Now, etc, both images below.
  • When a BeastMode is invalid due to a syntax error, the notification that appears is relatively useless ( Invalid Formula : This calculation contained a syntax error.) I would like the area that the evaluation stopped at to be highlighted red, or have additional detail about what stopped it. If in a case statement, then…
  • Thank you - this is a constant problem for me with employees having varying screen sizes, so they ask me where something is, and I say fourth from the right on the 2nd row, and it isn't showing that way for them!
  • This has been posted to the Ideas Exchange at https://dojo.domo.com/t5/Ideas-Exchange/Move-SELECTED-cards-to-a-new-dataset/idi-p/24604 to be able to move selected cards to a new dataset just as you select which cards are included in a presentation. 
  • And, options for the type of aggregation for the total rows should be available (Count, average, sum etc, you should be able to select which). I have also provided this feedback as a part of the analyzer beta feedback. 
  • In the meantime, (it may be a little late for you on this), I've made a Google spreadsheet shared within my organization with a column for creator, BM name, and the calculation so users can search for existing BMs as needed to copy and paste for edits or to ask questions or report issues.
  • This can be done; Domo support has something on the back end which will allow moving and duplication of collections and pages in a way that we do not have access to (had one duplicate one page to 5 with all collections and cards within them maintained so I could edit). 801-805-9505 is the support number (which typically…
  • In the admin section, there is the ability to view all of the cards or all of the pages (which sounds like the panel you refer to). To categorize the cards, pages and collections are used, unless you refer to a way of individuals categorizing them independent of others. There is a search function, it is at the top right of…
  • Unfortunately this is not currently an available function. (This is a great idea, and you can share it as an idea here: https://dojo.domo.com/t5/Ideas-Exchange/idb-p/Ideas, you'll just want to verify there that it has not been submitted yet!) You have only the option to publish via the page itself. In Admin>Publications…
  • This would require the duplication of the page, the cards, AND the collection which is important to avoid reorganization over and over. Currently however, Domo Support can provide this functionality on a one-off basis, as I have someone who duplicated pages with cards and collections (which was my biggest issue) by doing…
  • This would be useful for providing images or welcome messages to clients in landing pages within a publication group and for now we will find a way to create a fake data source that will allow us to make cards for this purpose. Good idea, @BayardAd