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  • added note, when I create my bar graph as a stack with the unique opportunity ID as a series across created dates for the quarter, then the correct totals per date range will be there. 
  • hey thanks for all the time you're putting into this! i still got a syntax error on your update; i took a screenshot and posted it below just in case the formatting and color would help you troubleshoot it. good call on the other formula i set up, i believe you're right on the Q1 full week counting because my numbers were…
  • Interesting, i hadn't thought of that, and also did notice that my Q1 was slightly higher than my source of truth in salesforce;.. let me try the updated formula you posted below. 
  • OK i got the week part; here it is in case anyone needs; just remember my fiscal starts on week 5, so if you start on jan 1, then add 4 weeks lines to the beginning and drop 4 off the end and make a few adjustments; i also attached what the final product looks like; a quarter over quarter by week comparison; CASE WHEN…
  • Hey this one returned a syntax error; i tried to troubleshoot it but couldn't figure it out; i wonder if there's a way to tackle this 1 week at a time (and maybe this is the hard way) but for example, we know the week of the year starts on week 5 (2/1/2019 for my fiscal year). and we know quarter 2 starts on week 18,…
  • My friend this worked beautifully! at a glance it looks right! but you are correct what you said below, i think i did mess up the week of quarter field; here's what i used in beastmode [ WEEKOFYEAR(`Created Date`) ].. but this gave me the actual number value associated with the weeks, starting at week 5(because fiscal year…