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  • Hey @user048760, what's the unique identifier between all the datasets that you use to match-up? Is it added in to the Webform properly? I've had instances in the past where I have two separate rows show up in subsequent datasets where the originating webform I used had some type of hidden special character in the unique…
  • @jaeW_at_Onyx completely agree, this was simply the last resort route that we had to take as it wasn't entering/correcting to the right time values like the rest of our publishers. Sometimes we gotta use solutions that aren't pretty lol EDIT: I should add, the biggest reason this was a necessity for us was that if this…
  • While I can only assume, unfortunately, I would tell you to program it as OAuth 2. The connectors that we've created through Domo have all been built using OAuth 2 and have worked beautifully. So instead of building it with OAuth 1 and having to change it down the road if it doesn't work (or if 1 is fully deprecated), just…
  • Hi there! We have this problem when pulling data from a couple advertising publishers (i.e. ZipRecruiter). It's with how they're sending data over to Domo, which is a moot point because that doesn't tell you how to fix it lol. What we do is setup a basic MySQL dataflow to correct the data before we process it further with…
  • Hi there, Our company has done a lot of work with the Analytics connector over the past 18 months and I've noticed that, as you said, it all depends on the selected dimensions that you're also bringing in. Out of curiosity, are you trying to mix Event data in with your dimensions? We had to create alternate datasets solely…