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  • I reviewed this and I think I have a solution/work around for you. First off, the main issue is with the data structure. The data structure doesn't allow the calculation to be completed using beast mode. The way that I resolve this is to union the data to itself and advance the month of the second data set by one month. I…
  • There is a beast mode that converts a number to the format: sec_to_time(AVG(`columnname`)). This could be used in a table card to show the exact time component. Unfortunately, I think you may lose your color differences if you use this in the card, because it may not be able to compare the resulting values. Another…
  • This will take a little more in depth review. We will reach out offline to review in more detail.
  • The reason for this is that our card builder has the ability to drill across different data sets. When changing the data set on the top level we don't always want the drill down to change as well. I like the idea of having a way to choose whether you want to change all levels on a card or just the current level. Please…
  • Are you starting with raw dates and the "week-1 2015" is generated by the domo card or does the raw data have a column with "week-1 2015" in it?
  • Can you provide a sample visual of the report that you maintain? (excluding any sensitive information)