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  • I think rephrasing it as following will give more clarity: if it does, filter it out from A (to avoid dupes), if it doesn't, then append. Your workflow will have one new B and two versions of dataset A. You will have to use Left Join to mark the duplicate values, say "Duplicate", then filter out the duplicate value and…
  • You can simply do DATE_FORMAT(`Date`,'%m/%d/%y'), will save you concat.
  • Is the append manual or automated? I think Recursive workflow can solve this issue ?
  • You can use DOMO workbench connector to export your data into DOMO from a specific location on your local network. If you want to edit the data manually just open the file locally, make the necesssary changes and save the file. Every time a file save is detected DOMO auto exports and update the data in datacenter.
  • @DomoBeaver You can convert that column's datatype in a workflow to whole number ?
  • This seems to be a problem with the data source. Just check if your source dataset is setting the right datatypes. If you cannot correct that, then change the column datatype in a workflow and power your card with the transformed dataset.
  • This works. Otherwose DOMO treats the 1st comma as the decimal point and rounds up rest of the number. Example: 1,053, 233 will be treated as 1.00 when you perform mathematical operations. REPLACE(`number_column`,',','') takes all the ',' off and makes the text 1053233, that is treated like a number.
  • You can do almost every possible calculations within the workflows. I have created those for my custom apps. If you want you can share your use case and we can work together on the solution.