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  • I have used escape() this appears to encode the special characters OK.
  • Hi, This is a new one I'm setting up, it uses username & password to then get a session token. i have written various APIs that don't use a access token. Encoding always seems to be a issue in DOMO.
  • hi, Its failing to authenticate, it doesn't recognise the username and/or password as valid. I have ensured they are both exactly the same and being posted to exactly the same URL but it fails in DOMO. I think the only issue could be the encoding but Im not sure if DOMO.b64EncodeUnicode=URIEncoding.
  • Hi, In PS I can use: $creds = 'username=' + ([System.Web.HttpUtility]::UrlEncode([System.Web.HttpUtility]::UrlDecode($username))) + '&password=' + ([System.Web.HttpUtility]::UrlEncode([System.Web.HttpUtility]::UrlDecode($password))) and use this to authenticate against the API and in DOMO I am trying to use var creds =…
  • Hi, Still batling to create this connector. The 3rd party require the Authorization header to start with the signing algorithm moniker (name of the algorithm) used to sign the request. I am using 'DOMO.hmacSHA256(data, key);' and declaring that this moniker is EdgeGrid by starting the header with EG1-HMAC-SHA256. Do we…
  • I think the crux is around my interpretation of the encoding steps: Postman function: // Generate Hash - Using sandbox CryptoJS library function generateHash(key,data) { var signature = CryptoJS.HmacSHA256(data, key); signature = signature.toString(CryptoJS.enc.Base64); return signature; } I have translated to Domo: //…
  • I think that part of this, I need to include the 'signing algorithm moniker' being used i.e. if this was using EdgeGrid V1, hash message authentication code, SHA–256 as the hash standard it would be "EG1-HMAC-SHA256". Do we kniow what the DOMO Library uses?
  • Thanks this is a handy guide however I have already built multiple connectors but always built them directly in Domo. In this situation I have got this working in Postman but now needto convert the code, its this convertion I am after help with. I know that Domo recommend using Postman so was wondering if they have any…
  • I am not getting back an access token or code, I suspect the Azure config. Is there any guidance on how the Azure app should be set up?
  • Hi, I am also trying to build an Azure connector, with no joy. What value did you use for the Client Key as I cant find that terminology in the Azure app. Thanks
  • What I have done is a change of logic - I am just discounting those which have a managed value (marked as Zero) and therefore this leaves those which do not have a corresponding value (CASE WHEN LENGTH(`ManagedDomains` )> 1 THEN 0 ELSE 1 END) Once you get the logic its so simple ?
  • This is all text as it is actually domain names, its just that a blank entry does not seem to compute
  • Hi, I have tried this and even tried comparing lengths but beastmode does not seem to compute when there is an empty field. when trying to use LENGTH it shows one cell has length 16 and the one next to it blank, where I would hope is sees empty as length 0. Any ideas on how to see/select and empty cell?
  • Think I have found it var decoded = DOMO.b64DecodeUnicode(metadata.account.SecretKey);
  • Thanks but that link says what to do but not how to do it i.e. how do I parse and 'Offset by records'. sorry not a Java expert just after some code.
  • t thanks, That worked ?
  • I have tried to create one of these but is doesnt seem to recognise my dataset name! This displays as "InfoSec O365 MFA Summary" and also when selected shows as "infosec_o365_mfa_summary" I have tried both and neither are recognised in the SQL statements Simon 
  • OK thanks, I have done. Simon 
  • Hi, Unfortunately this does not work. I have a running figure of about 100 every batch run. If I put the card table columns as the 'MFA required' and this filter, the data I get is - a total of all 'MFA required' batches and the Max batch number. I am trying to just show the last figure (which is currently 115). I am…
  • This looks like a DOMO issue as the connector is getting the data in but when it tries to save it to the dataset it just sits there saying 'storing' 10 lines work OK but I cant get 20 (or more) to work.
  • Hi, great thanks. The timezone offset is coming back as -60 instead of -0060 but I can hard code that. Otherwise great thanks
  • Great thanks
  • Eric, Thats great thanks. Just a minor tweak I get date Fri., 11 Oct. 2019, 09:28:00 GMT but need Fri, 11 Oct 2019 09:28:00 GMT Just a fullstop and a comma removed I will have a look but if you know how that would be great Thanks
  • Hi, thanks for your answer however this date format is required in a connector API call in order to drag the data into Domo. simon 
  • the Answer is to parse and then magicparse: var jsonRes = JSON.parse(res); datagrid.magicParseJSON(; this works great for me ?
  • Hi, As a possible solution is it possible to Magicparse and then try to split the parsed data? i.e. I get one long row with about 400 of coloumns however they start "data_0_xxx" (and about 20 coloumns) "data_1_xxx"(and same 20 coloumns) eg the MagicParse seems to pull out the correct fields, just not getting them into the…
  • Hi, The trees/leafs options looks like it could be a solution but I dont know how to get it working to just remove the top tree. instead of MagicParse, I have tried to add the specific columns and then fill the fields but I dont get any contents (just the titles) // Add Rows for(var i = 0; i < ress.length; i++){ var…
  • Hi, This is a connector I am building myself. I have the response['data'] but the first part of that data is another header so when I use magicParseJSON its all on one line because all the data is seen as being part of that one entry. Data preview data_0_volume data_0_volume_compliant data_0_volume_not_aligned…
  • Great thanks, Looks like I was mainly missing some brakets!
  • hi, thanks, basically our of AD i can get a number of AD/O365 I can get totals but need to merge some together into totals i.e. TOTALADaccounts+totalO365accounts=total Active Accounts EnabledInMFAExclude+O365MFANotOnAccountRequired+O365MFAExclude+O365MFANotOnAccountRequired=No MFA total…