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  • @ST_-Superman-_ yes I email them as well when I start a thread on here. Even though we're paying for 'Gold' help, most of my tickets aren't being resolved for months.
  • @TheLookout thank you that's useful, still more steps than what it should be, and would prefer it be actual SQL instead of JSON, but it is useful nonetheless.
  • @GrantSmith Dataset still exists Email column is configured correctly and exists Not using CC or BCC
    in Campaign error Comment by Tommy August 9
  • @GrantSmith yes the Magic ETL is faster or doesn't experience errors, however as you mentioned it's not ideal. It takes longer to build out, it's much harder to transfer over as the readability is non-existent, and since it's not code, it's hard to add into a git repository for change documentation.
  • @RobSomers it is a new dataflow, and yes it is not an ETL. @SS_domolearner that sort of answers the question, although that's not exactly the answer I was hoping for. Why does it force added indexes to every join for it to run? if that's the case just make it do so automatically if it's required.
  • I tried that too, nothing is working, very aggravating as it seems like basic functionality.
  • This is a join on a data view, and I'm only including one of the joining columns in the output (which is why I'm so confused). Doesn't make any sense
  • Okay, so it appears that if you're trying to use a column that's used in a join you can't use it in a function if the columns have the same name. Is there any documentation on how to properly reference the table? e.g. tablename.columnname? This is pretty basic functionality
  • I'm using Chrome. I get the same error with Edge.
  • Hi Helen, this does not work for campaigns. That's fine for a dashboard. A campaign has a distribution list with specific filters for each email on the distribution list. If the cards share a data source or have columns of the same name, the filters are automatically applied regardless of if you want them applied to a…