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  • The 403 error specifically has to do with permissions. Compare your security level to the security level of the other user in Domo. If they are different, or if you are the owner of the DataSet and their permission level isn’t high enough, they won’t be able to upload to that DataSet. The error “An Item with the same key…
  • Hi, The error coming back from Workbench says there is a null when looking for an object, so something isn't in the location that Workbench has been pointed to look. I did notice that you're on Workbench 4.5, which is dated now. We always recommend using the latest version. It is possible this problem will resolve itself…
  • Hi, We have some great documentation explaining api calls, which can be found at developer.domo.com. This will be a great starting point to help give you a better understanding of constructing the call you will need to get your data. If you’re getting stuck, we can reach out to your Customer Success Manager to help get you…
  • Hi @anardite @LizWR, Google apps uses SAML 2.0, so it should be compatable. Here is a link to our SSO help center article, that goes over the process of setting up SSO:http://knowledge.domo.com?cid=configuresso. Will you verify that you've completed all of these steps? Thanks, Anardite. -Nate Wolf -Domo Support
  • Hi Talkwal, The color schemes available vary between cards. Some cards, like the bar graph, have a color section that can be accessed in the “Chart Properties,” where you can assign each value it’s own color. These colors are selected from the list available for that specific card type. Other cards, like the “Map” cards,…
  • Hi Angelsinha, All access rights are paid for, aside from those rights that pertain to the Social User within Domo Buzz. To help you understand the roles within Domo, I have provided a link to the help center. It explains the permissions that are allowed with each security role, including the social user. It can be found…
  • Hi sia, I want to make sure I understand the logistics of your question. When you say reports, are you referring specifically to cards, pages, or something else? I believe the best way we can get an answer for you, will be to open a ticket with our support team. One of our representatives should be reaching out to you in…
  • Hi Benhomesley, When a card functions in this way, it is usually due to the amount of data trying to be loaded. If there is too much, some of the functionality will stop working because there’s so much going on. The type of chart being selected can also be a factor in where a threshold of limited functionality may lie. At…
  • Currently, a doc card can't work within a publication group because it doesn't have a datasource attached to it. There is an enhancement request for this feature, so hopefully we can look for this in the future. 
  • Unfortunately, there isn't a way to print all of the cards in a publicaiton at once. An enhancement request for this feature has been submitted with our development team, so hopefully we can see it in the future.
  • Unfortunately, there currently isn't a way to filter users based on security profile. An enhancement request for this feature has been submitted with our development team. Hopefully we will be able to look for this feature in an upcoming release of Domo. 
  • Also, keep in mind that by default, the subpages will appear in the order you share them with others. So if you haven't locked them down and you share them out of order, the reciever of shared pages will have them in the incorrect order.
  • I would like to note that I've ran into a case where they had everthing set up right, except for actually putting the BeastMode in as the summary number, so they weren't getting all the numbers to match up right. Once this was corrected everything was fine.