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  • It is possible to use iFrame to display Domo card publications in webpages; however, this is not a supported feature in Domo, and Support does not assist in troubleshooting or implementations. Sorry that we can't be of more help. Thank you, Andrew Nemrow
  • We do support most of these characters. What connector are you using? Are you seeing the garbage characters at the dataset level or in the cards? Usually if the characters look good in the dataset then they should be fine in the cards. If the dataset looks bad then it could be an issue with the file itself or the…
  • The Mobile App does not currently show any card descriptions. We have an enhancement request already submitted for this feature to be included on Mobile.
  • It should limit the scale so that the line movement is more pronounced. The only other way to do this in Chart Properties is to add a Min to Value Scale (Left) to limit the scale even further. For example, adding .12 to the Min section will set 12% as the minimum scale value.
  • In your card, navigate to Chart Properties > Value Scale (Left) . You will need to scroll down below the Min and Max options to find Log Scale.
  • Have you tried using the "Log Scale" option under Chart Properties > Value Scale (Left)? I have not found another way to dynamically scale the Line chart without manually altering the Value Scale settings. 
  • All data is accessible to Owners and Admins in Domo. If you have users who should not have access to some data on the instance then they should not be an Admin. You can look for articles in the Help Center about Personalized Data Permissins (PDP) and Publication Groups. Both of these tools allow customized data restriction…
  • We have an article in the Help Center listing the components that influence a user's Domo Score. You can access the Help Center from within your Domo instance:
  • The app may be using an old ID. This could have happened if you are duplicating an existing app and overwriting it with the new one. The ID and name of the app must be unique. On the command line you can change the name of the app (design name: [New App Name], but the name must also be changed in the manifest.json file. In…
  • Customizing the value scale is also an enhancement request that has been previously submitted to Development. I have attached this article to that request as well for emphasis. Thank you for the reply.
  • Is this an issue with the card (image or document card?) or with rendering in the app? Does the full text of the article fit inside the card itself but not the app? Data points are only limited by the dataset column itself, so if the dataset contains the data without a problem, then I don't imagine this is a data limit…
  • We need more information on the configuration of your Salesforce connector. If this is one of the default reports in the connector, then these should always pull from an all-time pool. Are you using a custom report or a custom query in the connector? Please share the query here and I can take a look, or just open a ticket…
  • Can you provide more information about the data you are working with. Is this a question about sorting within a card or a dataflow? A card will sort columns first numericaly and then alphabetically. Multiple rows of the same item should not interrupt a sort.
  • Currently, the World Map (heatmap) is the best card we have for this purpose, but it is unable to combine any of the default regions into larger, grouped results. Using the lat/long map as you do here is an innovative way to get the data you wanted. A request has already been submitted to Development for the abiltity to…
  • Currently, there is not a way to link directly to a dashboard in the web app. Adding domo:// in a hyperlink can only open the web app. Is this a functionality that would be useful to you? If so, then I am able to submit an enhancement request for the feature.
  • That is a great suggestion. There is not currently any feature in Domo that can compare cards in this way. The best way to search for similar cards using the same data is to look through the "Cards" tab in the datasource. This will show you any other cards using that same data. You can access datasources in the Data…
  • This is an excellent suggestion. Currently, it is not possible to Copy/Move a card to a page on which it already exists. I have submitted this suggestion to Development as an enhancement request.
  • Domo does not currently have a Tree Hierachy style chart. Hierachy in this way is usually handled using drill pages inside a card. Drill pages can be created for any type of chart. You can find detailed information about setting up drill paths by accessing the Help Center from your Domo instance.
  • HTML is not a supported feature in Domo. We do not guarantee that it will work, and Support does not troubleshoot or provide any best practices. Is there anyone who has tried this in Domo that can provide their experience?
  • This is an issue with the Card Builder. The problem is unrelated to Workbench.
  • When displaying larger amounts of rows, the initial Chart view of your card is limited by default. In the top right of your card view, beneath the "Card Options" button, you should see two buttons for "Chart" and "Table". Even in a Table card, the default selection will be "Chart". If you switch to "Table" then the card…
  • There is no function in Domo that will create a new user when another user logs on. An Admin must actively create new users in their Admin Settings. Please send an email to [email protected] with details about the steps that can be taken to replicate this problem. Also specify which user is experiencing the problem when…
  • Helen, I followed up with Development on this case. The card needs to be re-created along with the drill-paths in order to solve this problem. Thank you, Andrew Nemrow
  • The Xero connector is not yet public facing. Users still have to open an Support ticket in order to get one set up on their instance. There are not yet any best practices on integration for Xero, and we would appreciate specific feedback on your needs. Please open a ticket with Support requesting an enhancemnet for the…
  • In order to control the order of the series in the x-axis, you can drop the same field into the sorting area, this will sort in either ascending or descending order by number and then alphabetically. If you want to customize the order of the series in a different way then you can do so using a beastmode that assigns each…
  • You can use the Magic ETL Dataflow tool to change the column type in your dataset to text. You can access this tool by navigating to Data Center > Dataflows > New Dataflow. Under the Edit Columns section, use the Set Column Type feature. Thank you, Andrew N.
  • Here is a Help Center article on the basics of setting up the Yammer Connector: What is the error you are receiving from the connector, and is it able to pull any reports or data from your account at all? It is…
  • There is not currently a way to change the thickness of individual lines in a line card. This would make a good enhancement request for a feature in the future.
  • There are a number of reasons this could be happening, and we need more information about what exactly you are trying to do in Workbench. Please send an email to [email protected] containing a larger screenshot of the error as well as details about the steps taken to reproduce it. Thank you, Andrew N. Domo Support
  • It is possible to permanantly assign colors to series using a Beast Mode in the Sorting area. Here is an example: CASE WHERE `series` > 0 THEN 1 WHERE `series` < 0 THEN 2 END By placing this Beast Mode in Sorting and setting Series 1 and 2 in the Color settings to Red and Green, then the card will sort the data…