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  • I use window functions all the time in redshift, but can't use them in MySQL because they weren't introduced until version 8.0
  • Don't know if you got a solution from support, but I've had this same issue and solved it. My solution works on our Windows 7 desktop, not sure about other OS. When I follow these steps I am able to upload a file successfully. * Download the file as a .csv * Find the file on the desktop * Right-click and select "Edit with…
  • The update last night caused our instance to lose the green check mark as well, specifically on Redshift Dataflows. I'm guessing it is related to changes being made to run Dataflows to a certain point (https://dojo.domo.com/t5/Ideas-Exchange/Run-all-the-steps-in-a-dataflow-to-a-point/idi-p/7126/page/3#comments), but…
  • I'll have our Major Domo request to be added to the beta, thanks!
  • I agree, this would be a great feature! We have a lot of users that want to have the same 3 drill down paths for every card, so it would be great if you could drill down the entire Storyboard (or just pre-determined cards on the Storyboard) with 1 click on a "card view" fitler card. Example: All of our management cards…
  • I ceated this beastmode solution for automatically adding commas to custom HTML summary numbers (I had never looked at the dojo before now and didn't realize a solution already existed) but found it to be easy to use and doesn't slow down the card loading (at least with the 1.5M row dataset I'm using it on), so I thought…