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  •  Hi there. I can only support this idea. Managing pages is so time consuming right now. Thx
  • Hello, It would be great to complete the export to PDF functionality and finally support the Sumo cards fully. Yes DOMO will be be able to garantee that the table will fit on the PPT, but you can leave this constraint to the user. Cheers.
  • Hello, Completely agree with @douglasreich. There is even one more thing to list here: the fact that when you change the dataset of teh card, the drill-path views are not transfered to the new dataset. The possibility to have the drill path views on a different dataset is great, but in case it is the same than the main…
  • Hello, This feature already exiusts at the page level. The workflow is as follow: A proviledge (and up) user defines the filters that can be used by participants. Then participants can select any value in the filter and that applies to all cards. His selection is sticky and specific to him. That let's him create a dasboard…
  • Hi @codysmith, I don't think we are on the same page: 1) Whatever the drill down view the filters created by the drilldown are greyed out on the IPhone app and cannot be removed, while then can on the Web app. 2) It is impossible in DOMO to manually sleect a Sumo table as a drill-down. The only occasion where that happens…
  • Hello, "Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month, Next Quarter, Next Year" is a good start, but there is functional reason why the past and future are not symetric. I.e. the "next" options should be similar to the "previous" and "last" options. Also I note from the original requirements that previous 12m and and next 12m would be…
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  • Inded. I don't think we can reeally call "implemented". The purpose of doing a pivoted Sumo card is to view the data in a pivoted view. So exporting it differently doesn ot make sense.
  • Hello, I think I have seen this. To make this work, I had to go back to the company settings and change the setting back to week number, and then back again to date. Let's hopoe it works for you. Thx
  • As I said to my customer success manager, this is absolutely critical on 2 counts: * This is a basic feature, supported in almost any other system * DOMO is being deceptive because it lets you think you can filter on them by clicking the box on the empty line while this does not work This is apaulling user experience. This…
  • Hi @michaelf, Let me put some pictures. I am also running the latest version of Chrome (maybe it behaves differently on different browsers) On Sumo card (pivot view) I cannot select any of text: Values and caetgories (rows and columns) On horizontal bar charts Cannot select the series name. On vertical bar charts I cannot…
  • Great news. This would be really usefull. Mys execs will be happy.
  • Hi Michael, The title of my post is "from any text in cards". The example you have chosen is one of the types of card where you can actually select text: * Column view of the Sumo card (your example) * Simple table card On all other cards that I have come accross, it is not possible to select text (pivot view of Sumo card,…
  • Over and above this, when multiple card are looking at the same breakdown of data, say by region with EUR, AMER, APAC and MEA, then we need to have the colors of each region (or element) to have the same color on 1 page, otherwise any dashboard looks ridiculous to an executive. This means neing able to peg a color to the…
  • In the interim, most browsers (Chrome and FF) have extensions that block the "backspace effect". I can recommed "BackStop" for Chrome. Yes you would need all your users to install it, but it ca save you on many other website when you enter text, focus out and hit backspace.
  • Hello, I raised the case with Domo Support anyway: 01653388. But they want evidence and I cannot give this to them because of another bug preventing me to create a new SFDC dataset ? Cheers.
  • Hello everyone, This problem is 2-fold: * When the drill down view has the same dataset as the parent, when changing the parent it should also change the drill-down of the children, and also notify when there is a column compatibility problem with each of the children. @delsat, any plan for this? * I also noticed that when…