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  • So crazy random happenstance, outside of the trouble shooting done with MarkS in this thread nothing about the report or schedule has changed, and this morning we got the email. I'm happy it's working but I'd be happier if I knew what caused the issue so that I could be certain that it wasn't going to happen again.
  • Nope the 'Scheduled Reports' option is toggled to 'Enabled', and the view on those tabs shows that the emails are successful. I can tell you that they're not, but that's what Domo shows. I'll try removing the report and re-adding it tomorrow morning and let you know, but I did a quick test of creating a separate report for…
  • Hi Mark, I have the end set out to 10/31/2099. I figured that I just wanted this thing to run until we decide to go with something else and that date was as good as any to keep it going. I have opened a support ticket with them but sadly I was informed that our tier of service does not include support. I suppose we just…
  • I found a way to do this, for anyone who searches this comment. I added a word cloud card that used the `_BATCH_LAST_RUN` as the only criteria. I had to convert the time since we're not on UTC but that wasn't too difficult. Check this link for conversions and check this link for formatting. I hope that's helpful to someone.
  • I have a user who is setup with the participant role and they can still use annotations on cards. How do I prevent this?
  • I'd like to keep this topic alive because our team needs this as well. Please give us this feature Domo!!! Thanks!
  • Not on this issue @BrendanH, thanks for the reply.
  • Hi @guitarhero23 Yes I was hoping to be able to display the full Domo dashboard on a site outside of Domo and have all of the page level filter capabilities preferably without requiring the users to have any kind of Domo license, they would only be viewing the data as a report, but I would still want them to have the…