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  • @user17018 wrote:Sorry I am not clear in my previous post. We have a Oracle BI report which can be call from Oracle Webservice. Is there any way I can call that report through Domo? Are you looking to embed the Oracle BI report inside Domo? Or are you looking to recreate the Oracle BI report in Domo Analysier? Or are you…
  • @MartinB wrote:Why is this an issue in Domo?! Hahaha it works perfectly fine in my localhost! Thanks! I'll try to publish it later ? Are you dev-ing on a Windows machine? (I am, and it worked for me on my localhost too, just like you) While I cannot say for sure, one may speculate that it could be to do with a difference…
  • Good news Martin! I've been able to both replicate your issue and resolve it! ? So, in your CSS you identify the image file as "img1.JPG" but the image you uploaded is "img1.jpg" - notice the capitalization difference of "jpg"? The image is 404ing when trying to find "img1.JPG" as it seems Domo is case sensitive for file…
  • @MartinB wrote:Here you go. Img is supposed to be in a folder but this forum won't allow me to upload compressed files. This is my HTML code (apparently this formun won't also allow me to upload code files) <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>CounterClock</title> </head> <body> <div> <h2>Currently, we have achieved</h2>…
  • @welyk1974 wrote:We currently import a Dataset of Daily Sales Transactions that combine data for 2 clients of ours. We are using Magic ETL to strip out and create a new dataset for each client. We are looking into options (Must be automated and not manual) for of allowing the client to access their dataset for their…
  • Can you share your code so that I can take a look and see if there is anything obvious that might be causing problems?