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  • Note that by taking the approach outline above, you need to be careful when using that DataSet for non-snapshotted use cases since it will automatically count all historical values instead of just the latest snapshot. Normally, we'll run this kind of DataSet through a Magic ETL or DataFlow to add a 'Latest' column that…
  • Definitely. Domo has the ability to create append chains across DataSet runs in order to do snapshotting. To set this up, simply change your update settings to 'Append' instead of 'Replace': From their, you can use the _BATCH_LAST_RUN_ value (a column that Domo adds when the DataSet runs) as your snapshotting date.
  • Canio - That is a great solution! REGEX is incredibly powerful, but as you stated, it can be hard to find intuitive solutions unless you've spent a lot of time in the syntax. Domo's Knowledge Base recommends the Java Tutorial for some deep information on the inner workings of the functionality…
  • Regarding the exporting, if your target audience had an easier way to access it via the web, would you still need to export it?
  • If that is the case, you may want to consider adding in the numbers you'd like to always see as their own widgets so that they are always displayed. It does seem like it would be a lot easier to have that as an option in the Design Studio approach. If you agree, please submit that as an idea on the Dojo Ideas Exchange…
  • Great question. To make sure I'm understanding this correctly, you'd like to build a DomoApp type card (multiple metrics/visuals) in a single card display, but when you try to export it (screenshot or print) you lose some of the contextual information since some of the metrics only display using a tooltip. Is that correct?
  • As an example, say we used a date dimension table that had a row for every day between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 - Let's call it date_dimension. We could join that to our main DataSet - let's call it original_data - like this (using MySQL syntax): SELECT a.`date` b.* FROM `date_dimension` a LEFT JOIN…
  • To make sure I'm understanding this correctly, do you have a data grid that looks something like this? User IdStart DateEnd Date12017-01-012017-02-14 In order to do what you are doing, we may need to move to Magic ETL or DataFlow. Normally in this kind of scenario, we join that table to a calendar dimension table (We have…
  • Our public user API ( doesn't contain the attributes needed yet to build out the heirarchy, but we do have a utility we've used for some other customers that could get you what you need. In order to make this work, we'd need a DataSet that has the mapping of…
  • That is a great question. When you mention automatically updating the hierarchy, which you envision the mapping of manager to employee coming in through an HR data store?