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  • Hi @WizardOz ! You are right on the aggregated formula in your Beast Mode, that would cause issues with filtering. The aggregated filters feature is still in Alpha, and there are known limitations, you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager to have it enabled, if you do not know who that is, you can send me a PM…
  • Hi @ST_-Superman-_ ! You can work with your Customer Success Manager to get this enabled, if you do not know who that is, send me a PM and I will look into getting you added. Here is som quick info on it: Aggregated Filters is in Alpha, and there are known limitations. Aggregated filters are not supported in some areas of…
  • Hi @MartinB ! I heard back from our team internally, and there is some documentation on what you are looking to do. I have added that below. I look forward to hearing back on how the development goes. Thank you! The answer is in the Domo Phoenix documentation:…
  • Hi @WizardOz! Can you share the Beast Mode that is causing the issue? As @MarkSnodgrass mentioned, Beast Modes will work as filters, however if your Beast Mode is an aggregate, (if it has SUM, MAX, AVG, etc), then it wont work as a filter. There is a Beta filter that will allow you to filter on an aggregate, but it is not…
  • Awesome, I would love to hear more on how it goes for you. Domo does have a form builder app, that is an add on, which might be interesting for you, and could help in your use case. Here is a link to our Form Builder documentation.
  • Thanks for your message @MartinB! This sounds like it would be possible with a custom app. I don't see this working without some custom development unless you wanted the last visual to be a table. There is a way to link to a url from within a table card, but I am not aware of any other visuals that allow you to link from a…