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  • Awesome, Thanks!
  • The issue is twofold, firstly there are duplicates, but we need single sum for each car, so if we have unit 5015 listed 30 times we need to sum that into one row, the we need to join the data so we can have the owner identifying column, thanks for the help!
  • I would use this, but after creating the sum columns I need to join this data with another data set, we're trying to match hours worked to specific owners, but the sheet with hours doesnt include the owner so I need to sum hours then join the data, Thanks!
  • In testing I don't see a row sum in my sumo card?
  • Perfect! Thanks!
  • Awesome! Thanks again for all the help!
  • I'd considered this, but ideally we'd like to keep the correct totals column if possible, it will always be the larger value with a later report time, Thanks again for all the help!
  • Thanks again for the help, I'm including photos to help explain, as you can see in this example we have all our incoming reports and some of the historicals, looking at one of them (flow attached) we removed duplicates, but the totals column isn't removed, because it's not a duplicate. This column needs to be removed…
  • Hi, Would we be able to just sort on both time and date then? On the duplicate data all 6 data sets are different, each getting its own historical and own daily report, the issue is removing duplicates because if we export one report halfway through the day the totals row won't match later reports, I've considered pulling…