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  • Great idea. There are several formulas available, but you may be able to do that in SLQ in a data flow as well. If you have SLQ experience or know someone who is they could help with this, or you can reach out to Domo Support.
  • It never hurts to see if anything has changed.
  • Just curious what the volume of records you are trying to plot is. Do you get the restriction when you plot a decreased volume?
  • That is a great idea but the filtering only happens after the aggregation currently so that is not possible. I noticed you asked a similar question back in January, is what you are asking here different? Sorry nothing has changed in the product related to that yet.
  • Great suggestion Godzilla! There are many different posibilities that influence how we could answer this. Is the date already a string? Where is it showing up in the card? The formula above is going to change it to a string. The below formula will maintain your data type as a date if you need it. DATE(`DateField`)
  • The upsert feature is really neat, and I have used it in it's beta form with another customer. If you have a unique column you can use, and you do not need to dataflow the data then it may work well for you as well. If you want to be included in this beta simply reach out to your Account Executive, and he can see if there…