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  • Thanks everyone for their comments and possible solutions. We ended up pulling what we needed from GA into our own database and rebuilding the custom channel groupings in there. This allows us the ability to query the database with the revised channel groupings for historical data (ever prior to having created the custom…
  • Adding to this request. From a CRM perspective I'm interested in visualizing the overlap of buyer counts. I.e. some buyers only buy from apparel, some only from shoes and some have purchased from both. In the meantime, has anyone found an alternate way to visualize this in Domo?
  • Yes, it's even already connected to the GA data used to populate the cards.
  • No, thoughts on what that might look like?
  • Dani, We have reviewed that previously, but thanks. Even the Advanced Connector doesn't seem to allow this. Am eager to hear of any possible work-arounds you have. Thanks, Julianna
  • Sure, here is the formula for MTD 2016 Demand: SUM( CASE WHEN DAY(`Date`) <= (DAY(SUBDATE(NOW(), INTERVAL 5 HOUR))+1) AND YEAR(`Date`)+`Days to Add to Put Into Proper Fiscal YEAR` = (YEAR(SUBDATE(NOW(), INTERVAL 5 HOUR))-1)+`Days to Add to Put Into Proper Fiscal YEAR` AND MONTH((`Date`)+`Days to Add to Put Into Proper…
  • @BABWMajorDOMO do you have an example of a Beast Mode that you used to do this? I'm trying to do last fiscal month compared to the same month in the previous fiscal year and have it update each month dynamically. For example, today I want to see Fiscal December 2016 compared to fiscal December 2015 and then 1/29/17 I want…
  • Perhaps I responed to the wrong person in the thread. I thought someone said they figured out how to do this by uploading the fiscal calendar into their account and connecting the data source to the calendar. I think I just figured out Last week compared to the same fiscal week last year, but I haven't tried to apply that…
  • Can you give me an example of a beast mode you're using to do this? I thought of the same solution, have import the fiscal calendar as an excel file, but have yet to figure out the beast mode for using the combined dataset. I'm trying to build cards that are Last Fiscal Month This Year compared to the same fiscal…