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  • If you receive a user permissions error, make sure to check step #4!
  • Hello bensontruven, I'd like to get a little more context surrounding this issue. Can you submit a support ticket to [email protected] with a link in the ticket to the affected cards and datasources? After we solve the issue we can have the support engineer come back here with the solution for the community. -letsdothis
  • The points are rendering where they should be geographically, but the base map does not cover that part of town. I have submitted an enhancement request with development to increase the basemap coverage. Reference number DOMO-39661 -- letsdothis
  • Hello swyatt, I'm not sure why these cards are not placing the locations correctly. Since I am with support, would you feel comfortable sending me a private message with a link to the card so I can investigate the issue and open up a support ticket on your behalf? I will take personal care to ensure we find the answer for…
  • Hello @swyatt This is a great question. My initial thoughts are that the connector will require a root directory access for the files. So we will need to dive in deeper to find a solution for you that will work. I've created support ticket number 00541205 and assigned it to my team. I'll have an engineer reach out to you…
  • Until ETL is available, the current workaround is to do it in Dataflow. I've seen this issue before, so here is some sample code to get you started. NON-NORMALIZED TABLE: |PK|saleDate |saleAmount|reno |saltLakeCity|lasVegas|denver| =============================================================== |01|2014-1-1 |53000.00 | 1 |…
  • Hello dscaglione, Currently geographic data is powered from FIPS data, and you just need to email [email protected] and we will set up the Zips to Fips datasource for you, this allows you to use Zip codes or States instead of FIPS codes. If you have ideas of how to improve the geographic experience, feel free to post them…
  • If there is no possible way to normalize the data at the datasource before it comes into Domo, then a dataflow is your best choice. However, if the data continues to grow as time goes on and new months are added to the table as columns, then each month the dataflow would need to be adjusted. In order to normalize this with…
  • Important to note, if the above article is displaying emoji in the filters of Google Analytics, you just need to turn them off to properly view the article. This is found in My Settings > Preferences > Display.
  • A useful feature built into the Google Analytics connector is the ability to filter the data you import using Google’s own Filter API. Filters are short statements that you can apply within a Google Analytics Data Source that give you added flexibility to let you refine the data that’s imported. For example, let’s say you…