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  • So we have our yearly targets: Client A = 80, Client B = 100, Client C = 40 We need to work out our balance of sites that we need in order to hit yearly targets, the calculation is 'Target - Completed Awaiting Power - Instructed and not built'. At the moment I have figures for completed awaiting power and ITB not built in…
  • If I expand the height of the card and zoom out it still crops out Scotland but shows more of the sea below. Really odd. Any ideas?
  • Hi Jason, with our total installs we have two different types: KPI Completed and Completed Awaiting Power. I'd like to show the total number which is broken down in two categories (above). Attached is a basic sketch, the numbers are 83 KPI completed and 16 Completed Awaiting Power. Total 99. Could a DDX brick do this?
  • Attached is the error that I had with the FIXED function, this calculation would have worked out the total applications submitted. I would need to filter out other, then work out 'approved' and 'approved and refused'.
  • @RobSomers if I already have the totals using Group By, do I need to use rank & window too? I had a go with the FIXED function but wasn't sure if this was being used in the right way? Now I have the totals I just need to get my head around the calculation, it should work out to be 1017 (total applications) / Approved (612)…
  • Thankyou both, @RobSomers I tried the formula but the value didn't come back as expected. I have used a Group By after adding the 'Type' column. What would be the best way to work out Approved/Approved and Refused? Many thanks
  • Thankyou all, really helpful! The 'add constants' tile in ETL did the trick.
  • This is what I'm aiming for! The stages are exclusive but they aren't named in Pipedrive, I wasn't sure how to create a stage name from filters in an ETL.
  • They are all in a status from Pipedrive called 'Lost', I'd like to show a breakdown of the sites in lost. This is where the additional filters/date ranges differ from each dataset. All I need to do now is group the values into the filter groups below (tenure, instructed, no tenure, tenure no planning etc) and use the…
  • Hi Grant, Below is an example of one Calculated Field that we need to use to convert field ID's into text, can these types of conversions be carried out in Alter Columns or would this be something different? (CASE WHEN `Planning Consent_1065c3`='449' THEN 'Normal' WHEN `Planning Consent_1065c3`='450' THEN 'Onerous' WHEN…
  • All sorted, used ETL dataflow filters in the end.
  • Hi Michelle, I have changed all values to '1' but the dots are still too large, is there a way to make them much smaller so that we can see the location in more detail? Attached is the current progress. Many thanks
  • I'm using the long/lat map, ideally I'd like the map to only show the UK. The symbols are also quite large, is there a way to make these into pins or something smaller?
  • Hey Michelle, Below is the current format of our long/lat figures: Long: -0.00880068 Lat: 51.57307951 Some figures have 8 decimals, some have 7. Cheers
  • Thankyou Grant, really helpful!