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  • actually tested both options, I am getting same error unfortunately.
  • it will either be a success or error - like the screenshot
  • my guess is the role does not have access to at least 1 field in your search
  • just curious what's the status of this? as our team gets bigger, it will really be helpful to customize the landing page of groups ie Executives will have a different landing page compared to the Marketing team
  • hey, any update on this? just to add, hope the dataflow will have similar update options like the regular datasets ie once a day, every hour, every 6 hours etc sometimes the "latest" version of one of the datasets in the dataflow is not included in the latest run of dataflow
  • it will also be helpful if we have info like owner charts/datasets using the beastmode description Option to lock the beastmode - so it won't be edited by other users (or limit edit access to certain groups)
  • cool! i hope they will be released soon ?
  • thanks i modified the filters, so it will show less rows Just curious - what is the maximum row for table format?
  • yes, apparently we need to wait 24 hours? there should really be an option for the end-user or at Domo back-end to stop the data flow, instead of the long waiting time, especially if the user is sure that the dataflow doesnt take that long, since we already have a reference on the average successful duration runs of the…
  • I hope there will be an option to copy and re-organize the drill path, instead of doing them manually everytime. The most painful thing right now is if you have multiple drill paths in a scorecard, and you forgot a path, and its the second or 3rd one. you need to edit everything before the end of the list
  • or instead of just having this View As option in the Page, what if in the Admin tools, there is an option to see the instance of a group or multiple groups for example, User1 belongs to group A and B User2 belongs only to group A The admin should be able to see whats in the instance of User 2, so that user is seeing maybe…