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  • @srosen Thanks for brining up this concern. These reports are available but are currently not available via public view of the Facebook connector. If you reach out to your Business Consultant or Technical Consultant then they can grant you access to those reports providing data on the post-level. The reports you will want…
  • @timscott Hey Tim, our Facebook connection requires that user's credentials be tied to a Facebook business page with either "Analyst" or "Admin" permissions. So you can choose to your personal Facebook creds, but you have to be added as an "Admin" or "Analyst" on your company business page before you can start pulling…
  • @swyatt Good question, I know we are working on getting more documentation around this. The Google Analytics reports pull either 30 or 365 days worth of data per report. We have set the reports up to pull that history on the first initial run of the data source, and then start appending one day of day on subsequent runs.…
  • Hey @RobynLinden, I just wanted to confirm with you. I checked with engineering and currently if you set your data source to append, it will append 30 days of data every time the data source runs, so you will start seeing duplicates when appending. I suggest replacing for the time being. I will keep you up-to-date on…
  • @RobynLinden Good question. Here is a quick summary on how they both work: Replace: If your data source is set to replace, the data set will be renewed every time the data source runs between the start and end date specified. Currently, this is set for 30 days within the connector. -- I have found Facebook is sporatic in…
  • @swyatt @RobynLinden @nalbright Hey Everyone, Thanks for all your input and questions. I am familiar with how the Facebook connector works over here at Domo and how the reports are set up. I will do my best to address all of your questions. First, we have limited the historic pull of Facebook data to 30 days for all…